Sniper Wallpaper



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    not a sniper he has an m4 snipers use m40s or m82 or ar10s


    and his glove better be real good otherwise his fore hand is gonna get real hot


    nobody said he was a good sniper..


    Im clueless about weapons but how many rounds would he have to fire off before getting the barrel terribly hot? As in “oh my god my fingers are melting” hot? Id say quite a lot. Then again friction and the pressures involved in firing a bullet.. eh.


    It depends on how fast you fire the rounds. If you pop off a 30 round magazine (clip) fast enough, it can get hot. Also, the way he is holding that weapon, with his left arm not braced against anything, or resting on anything, is gonna tire that arm out FAST. On top of that, you can tell he’s ARMY because of his cammies (doesn’t look like the new Marine Corps digi pattern) and the fact he has a giant scope on his M4 (could be special Marine Corps unit, but I doubt it). Also, he isn’t wearing a helmet (real smart) and I am even failing to see the Kevlar/SAPI plate body armor (even smarter). On top of that, it looks like that’s a 20 round magazine, which I don’t think we’ve used since ‘Nam. Well, sorry about that super long comment, but, to answer Namelis1’s question, it’s recommended you change the barrel on the M249, M240G, M60, etc, about every 100-200 rounds in rapid fire, and they can get hot enough to glow white-hot and such after 1000 or so I’d say. I also wasn’t infantry, so, I’m sure one of those guys could answer with even better accuracy.


    He might be private sector, blackstone. They are retired military who are hired by the company blackstone to go to Iraq and do jobs. They are the ones that protect our convoys and such over there.


    Not impossible, but, I say doubtful. He looks too military to be civilian. I’m pretty sure he’s wearing the Army’s new camouflage uniform, which I would suspect isn’t readily available on the civilian market, and, he doesn’t look old enough to be retired military from what I can gather about his face.


    Okay, first of all, it’s hard to tell if he’s army or not. He’s wearing army ACU camo, but there’s no unit patch that i can see on his shoulder. Second, as to the magazine in his gun, snipers routinely use the 20 round magazine as opposed to the 30 round because of the length. The length of the 30 round does not easily permit shots taken from the prone position.

    You might have noticed he’s steadying his barrel on his hand, using the woodframe as a base. Helmet wouldn’t be a problem, since DRM usually don’t work alone. He’s either got one or two squadmates spotting or guarding. It’s also possible he’s working in support of his squad, and they’re radioing positions to him. To me the gloves look leather, and as such should keep his hands just fine. My m4 doesn’t really heat up much unless i’m craking the rounds out, and the one he’s using is one of the HBAR m4’s, so no prob, they dissiapate heat well.

    Also, he’s not a sniper, he does not have the Army M24 sniper rifle. IF he is Army, then he’s a Designate Rifle Marksman(DRM).

    Also, it’s Blackwater, not blackstone.


    OK, I see how his hand is using the window as a brace, and, I have a couple 20 round magazines myself, and understand the benefits of using them in certain situations, but, if he IS a sniper, then why is he using the M4, instead of a ‘real’ sniper rifle? Anyway, I was in the Marines, and don’t know the army uniform well enough to do more than identify it. Plus, that LBV (load bearing vest) or whatever piece of gear he has on his chest has room for lots of ammo (and the longer 30rd would be much easier to get out than trying to dig for the 20rd’ers imo). Also, I was never issued anything other than a standard M16A2 with iron sights, no fancy scopes for us. I personally would want to ditch the helmet first chance I could get in a firefight, it won’t stop a bullet at ranges you would see in urban areas, and it’s just bulky, and obstructs vision and hearing, and to me, is far more of a distraction than the possible benefits it would reap. But, like I said, I wasn’t infantry, never under fire, so, maybe I can’t speak without experience.

    And, it’s Ravenwood. 😛


    I can’t believe the admin changed my name…OH well

    IT does appear to the ARMYs ACU grey
    IT is not hard to get this in the civilian market; I see them for sale all the time

    I do not see a unit patch, however on the right Army the American Flag is worn, which would no be visible on this picture. HE might no be in combat, so no combat patch.
    Additionally he could be Blackwater or some other firm.

    The likelihood that he is Blackwater increases because the LBV which he is wearing is not current army issue; indeed I don’t think it ever was for the US.
    He looks like he is in his 30s, so he could be Ex-military. Not everyone puts in their 20 years, and some guys just look young.
    The barrel won’t get hot with only a few shots, and with that scope, he clearly I not planning to take many. It is a little odd to see such a large scope on a weapon designed to short ranges.

    A Helmet won’t stop a round, but it might deflect one, it also would stop a ricochet, and shrapnel from a grenade or RPG.

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