Carrier Battle Fleet


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    Howie Feltersnatch

    That’s the Valiant Shield exercise, 2006, in the Western Pacific. I was standing on the Flag Bridge of the carrier on the left–USS Abraham Lincoln.

    PHOTOEXes rock.


    Yep. My husband’s some place on the USS Ronald Reagan in that picture – which is the carrier on the right side.


    While it is awesome, this picture is composed of much phail.

    1. B-2 Bombers are generally impossible to launch from a carrier
    2.The navy does not use the f-16’s in the background formation, preferring the FA-18 superhornet pictured in front.
    3.the water pictured is ovbiously n00b, seeing as water is normally orange and bubbling


    JoeCrow, who the hell would try to fake a pic like this? It’s not even anything special.


    “Yeah, let’s go bomb some shit”


    Case.. I never tried to imply it was faked… in facts its my wallpaper now..i was just saying its not how a carrier fleet would normally operate.

    Howie Feltersnatch

    JoeCrow…normally operate? OK, sure, assuming by “normally” you mean peacetime. Generally, strikegroups are deployed for six months, and they go run around the Med, or the Gulf, or WestPac to show “presence” or to act as staging platforms for missions supporting Iraq/Afghanistan. But the whole point of exercises like Valiant Shield are to demonstrate joint operability between the services. Can the Navy and Air Force work effectively together. So yes, this how how a strikegroup would normally function in wartime (OK, we don’t spend a lot of time doing fly-overs of the whole group, but you know what I mean).… Read more »