SAY NO – You cannot be sure he is not a molester


Is that all the kid’s shit on the ground?  Cause if it’s his, he’s trying too hard.  Seriously dude, you’ve over done it, and now you’re just obvious. I GIVE YOU THESE 20 TEDDY BEARS.  Now go have sexxor with me.

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    He obviously needs a van with “Free Candy!” spraypainted on the side.


    What a great time to be a man! A time where a man must walk away from a child in distress, simply out of fear of being branded a molester! As if women never did that sort of thing…

    Anyone got a map to Jusenkyo?


    Jusenkyo, LOL
    when you mention it i thought i was a real place so i google it right away.
    Its fake.


    This guy looks legit. Id take candy or teddy bears from him.


    His (bowling?) shoes are a dead giveaway he’s fucked in the head.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    You get candy, presents, and sex.
    What’s to complain about?