AgriHeros – Spider Cow


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    Spidercow, spidercow, does whatever a spidercow does.


    God, not the fucking cows! They had these in the city I grew up in, and then again when I was in Lisbon. Imagine a city – a beautiful city filled with wonderful art and architecture and beautiful open gardens – filled with these fucking things everywhere you go and look.

    Most of them aren’t have as tasteful, well-made, darkly-toned or unobtrusive as spider-cow. Generally, they’re cow plasters that look like they’ve been vomited all over in neon.

    Fucking cows.


    How do I shoot web? ¯\(º o)/¯


    They always have random sculptures like that around Cleveland. Eventually they auction them and give the money to some random charity. I would totally bid on Spider Cow.


    Heh. Blue balls. Looks like he needs to shoot off some webbing to take care of that.

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