Massive Heat Sink

Copper Copper Copper

Heat sink or antenna?

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    At first I assumed this was huge because it was passive, but I’m pretty sure I see wires for a fan in there too. What on earth puts out that much heat? Are high-end graphics cards really getting that hot now?


    Neither….it’s a pocket pussy for a super geek.


    Shit, you can cold-out Megatron with that thing


    looks kinda like water cooling, that’s the only reason those copper pipes would be there


    Actually, I believe those are heat pipes. A lot of the newer heat sinks are using them to take heat away from the processor faster.



    those are very clearly heat pipes, water cooling systems don’t have giant fans and heatsinks in the case, that’s sort of the point.


    It’s actually a CPU cooler from Zalman. I know this because I have one. Is nice!


    I always use Zalman coolers, but it looks like here they’ve put the 9500LED Zalman for CPUs onto this graphics card. This is an air fan – you wont see fins on a water cooling system until you get to the radiator.

    The hottest gfx card out there atm iirc is the X1900XT – fan isnt on full until the card hits 100ºC (212F), and cuts out at 120ºC.


    I had to build a new comp at work to run the router (not a network router, an actual table router). This was the CPU heatsink I chose, simply cause it was cheap. I found out later that it actually has a nice blue LED, which made me want to stealz it 🙁

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