Beachside Church


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  • This video is of a fish named Goldy. This fish is the MCS Mascot and this fish is the primary moderator of content on the site.

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    How can something so evil can look so cute?


    Erosion work faster, plz


    i dunno, hopefully some tsunami will come and wipe it out during maximum capacity, for the better of man kind of course.


    You don’t know who goes to that church, the vast majority of religious people aren’t nut jobs looking to impose their values on others.

    Wishing death upon others, what other merits make you worthy of remaining in the gene pool?

    Hoban Washburne

    Am I the only one who thinks this is at all creepy?


    maxcw, i did not imply death, just pain. as for my existence in the gene pool, is that the point of life? the greater meaning? I have asked myself this many times with no answer so i blare Rammstein cruising down the street hoping to get strange stares by the pedestrians. This took a hard turn but, there is nothing worth while in my genes, but the thought that these people believe that every animal lived within walking distance of Noah’s ark they should not reproduce, for the better of humanity.


    Rammstein? Could u please attend this church on the day of its destruction…you could even take your German metal friends with you and then we can all sleep better at night!


    Knogwhatever, are you being funny, or are you actually that much of a picture of teen angst taken to its greasiest extremes? But just to pretend you have a point, Knog, I’ll take you up on the last bit. Do you realize that before the bicycle was invented, the average European didn’t ever leave their village or city? A few might make their way to the new world, but before a certain time, they were a small minority. Yeah, you can go to the library and read about all the different species, or google it, but did you figure out… Read more »


    Oh, and I realize you might be talking figuratively, but that’s serious shit, eugenics. I’m from part of Canada where, in the olden days, eugenics was law. They sterilized people they considered ‘unintelligent’, right, but who do didactic self-important fuckheads like knog consider to be ‘unintelligent’? “Specifically, the Act was disproportionately applied to those in socially vulnerable positions, including: females, children, unemployed persons, domestics, rural citizens, unmarried, institutionalized persons, Roman and Greek Catholics, persons of East European ancestry and Indian and Métis ethnicity.” And this lasted through the sixties. Next time you consider yourself the objective judge of who is… Read more »


    knogoodidleft – no good identity left, like when you try to make a screen name and its taken. Sorry I did not site my sources, and no I am not a world traveled philosopher, But I have called BS on things people tell me, BUT when people were told of Christianity they did not know any better, they believed in Abiogenesis, that was the technology level, Chair + desk = Human. To believe it today… you must be bored. hell, I went to a Christian school, those people were crazy, and at age idk, little I knew there ways of… Read more »


    Isn’t that Eunuchs? not Eugenics?

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