Fish in waterbowl on the beach


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    Hrm. Most would say it’s messed up putting a fish on the beach in a fishbowl. I say it’s messed up because goldfish are freshwater, and beaches normally saltwater. Even if this fishy fishy were to escape his prison, he would only enjoy his sweet freedom for so long before he dies in the ocean. There’s no win for this guy.


    Beaches are normally saltwater? I guess there are more miles of beach touching the ocean than touching freshwater, but by that logic, isn’t water usually salty, and aren’t people usually dead?


    Your attempt at logic is fail.


    Plus that fish is not gold, it is black. . . Racist.


    Hrmm, I have to agree with Asok_Green, the majority of people are dead and since most of us are dead then one could accurately describe people as usually dead.


    People are defined as people by their ability to reason and understand. Dead people can’t do that, so who are we to define them as people?


    Are you saying dead people aren’t people? If so I may have to report you to the NAAZP.
    The National Association for the Advancement of Zombie People

    Zombies are people too.

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