Eight Trillion Dollar Federal Deficit Note


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    Do you know how much $8 trillion is? If you had to spend $1 million a minute until you’d spent $8 trillion, it would take you 15 years 2 months.

    $1 million every minute of every day for 15 years. That’s a fuckload of money.


    Did you know that the 8 trillion ‘deficit’ (aka national debt) is the add total of the amount of money we ‘owe ourselves’ since this country started? So, if you think about for a second, if we owe ourselves money, then why consider it debt at all?

    All of our debt that should be noticed is our foreign debt, namely with China. If they were to tell us to pay up, we would be left with almost nothing. Of course, if they did that, they might have a harder time getting their produce from us..


    Deficit != debt. And this number is out of date anyway, it should be about $9.1 trillion, and Congress is about to approve a debt limit of $9.8 trillion.


    Did you guys know that it’s a joke! LULZ!



    Did Fox News and PBS suddenly do a segment on MCR?

    It’s a frickin’ humor site! Now BEWBZ or GTFO!


    we counsider it debt cause we dont have enough gold to back up every $


    Um, Just so y’all know, the debt’s down to like 150 bil now.

    tiki god

    According to the United States Treasury Department, we’re current at $8,991,323,013,544.01

    Currently at 8.9 Billion


    OmfgWtfZergd: Not all of it. And it’s a deficit, not a debt. The reason why it’s a problem, is that when a government spends money it doesn’t have, it causes an oversupply of currency, which causes inflation. A bit of inflation is fine, but when it gets too high too fast, it can spiral out of control and cause your economy (and any economy connected to yours) to completely crash. Thus, we want to control government spending – especially spending which is not in some way beneficial to the economy and thus balancing – because we don’t want to throw… Read more »


    “According to the United States Treasury Department, we’re current at $8,991,323,013,544.01

    Currently at 8.9 Billion”

    I stand Retracted. NPR is usally a good source of information, must have just heard it wrongly.


    So can we double this bill for obama?

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