Smokey Jet


Counter measures?

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    Im not sure but i think those are special rockets used to aid heavy aircraft when taking off from a very short runway.


    A Boeing 707’s waterburner.


    “I was wandering too about the so-called “waterburner”. Found some info at wikipedia/turbojet:
    Some US jet engines in those days had the ability to inject water into the intaken air flow, cooling it down and preventing some fuel from burning (thus creating a lot of dark smoke). This would make the engine run cooler and prevent it from overheating, which would eventually lead to mechanical failure, i.e. melting the compressor blades…”


    Looks like a JADO/RATO launch to me. Rocket Assisted Take Off. I can’t remember what the JADO is for, that’s what the Blue Angels use to get their support aircraft Fat Albert up in demonstrations.

    OK, Google’s failing me on what the heck JADO stands for (They are solid fuel rockets that they attack to the side, and that’s certainly what is attached at the end of the fuselage on that aircraft)


    That was JATO. Jet Assisted Take Off.


    I thought they were JATOs and they were Jet Assisted Take Off.


    Beat me to it Byte, there clearly visible behind the rear gear


    Looks just like the sky-darkener plane from the The Second Renaissance. Yeah, smoke them robots! Kill ’em all, kill ’em all, kill ’em all!!!


    Can’t wait to put one of those rockets in my pickup truck !


    When your takeoff strip is 200 feet long, and you need 400 to successfully and safely take off, someone straps 6-100 JATO/RATO rockets to your buttcheeks. The added propulsion makes it so you can safely take off with half or less airstrip room.


    How old is this pic? Looks like a B-47. The one that Jimmy Stewart flew in Strategic Air Command.


    According to Acronym Finder, JADO is short for Joint Air Defense Operations, while JATO is short for Jet-Assisted Take-Off.