Confusing Street Sign


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    The Matrix: Rebooted

    It’s confusing because it uses meters?


    I believe the period on the on the 5th line needs to be switched with the comma on the 6th line. After that, it makes sense to me.


    why can’t long trucks drive on days that shouldnt have much traffic?


    Why 10 comma 5? 10,5m??? wtf is that?

    Cause to be driven? “DO IT!!!!! DRIVE THE FUCKING TRUCK, OR ELSE!!!”


    10.5m is LONG!


    Friday Saturday & Sunday that is a holiday or the day before a holiday, OR
    Friday, Saturday & Sunday AND a holiday AND the day before a holiday?


    “All main roads are not accessible to any motor vehicle over 10.5 m in length on a public holiday or the Friday, Saturday, or Sunday preceding a public holiday between 6 pm and 12 am.” I think that’s SLIGHTLY better, but not by much. The whole caused to be driven thing, seriously, wtf? And who needs to read the rest of the sign if they know it only affects those over 10.5 m. I’d stop reading right there unless I had a 34′ motor vehicle I planned to take on a main road between the house of 6 pm and… Read more »


    Thou shalt count to three, thou shalt not count to 2, or to 4.


    RSlxidor… you’d be in luck with your 34′ motor vehicle. 10,5 m is equal to 34′-5 3/8″. That’s an extra 5 3/8″ you can fill up with steer horns or some such.


    Nobody reads that while zipping by at 70 miles per hour. Or 112 kp/h for you foreigners.


    And I just realized how retarded “You foreigners” was, as I am a foreigner to you.


    if one reads the periods as if they were commas, and vice versa regarding the length, it is as understandable as most stupid legal statements. British?


    My guess, due to the surrounding landscape is that its Australian. Australian Road Trains (will post a pic) are stupidly long… and loud.

    So, you don’t want them driven through your quiet down on weekends or around public holidays. Though where they’re supposed to go otherwise, I don’t know.