Bike crash sequence…


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    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca


    Chiney people r so dispensable.


    This was in China. A photographer knew of the pothole and stood there waiting for the next victim. A big stink was brought up about why the Photographer did not warn of the danger instead of waiting to profit from the inevitable. Liu Tao, the photographer replied that the pothole was a problem and the only way he could get the city to repair it was to show how much of a problem it was..


    i think he proved his point


    I’m smarter than the people who fall over on bikes.

    I never learned how to ride one, because dammit, I am an American citizen, and it is my duty to become grossly obese.


    I can ride a bike, bu tin our country you can run over bikes with your car and nothing happens. Not even if they’re not on they’re bike. Or in the streets. My country sucks.


    I used to work as a photographer at a kids camp. And would wait at the muddy spot on the Rec field for some kid to take a nose dive. Sounds mean but 1 I got great shots and 2. if they don’t know to avoid the big mud puddle then my telling ain’t gonna help matters.


    whenever I’m riding in the rain I always hold an umbrella. If the rain comes under the umbrella I hold it in front of my face. This provides the added benefit of hiding any potholes


    Asian man who fly off bike into air, very likely to Bangkok


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