Why can’t religious folks keep their retardation to themselves?


Why can’t religious folks keep their retardation to themselves?

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    Because to follow a religion is to accept written and spoken scripture without examination or critical thinking.


    No wonder God f’ing hates us. I mean, just look at them!


    These guys are all over the country. They protest funerals of US Army Soldiers in Ft. Riley, KS. Home of the Army’s First Infantry [Big Red 1]. My mother freaks out and wants to murder them, but I’m like “Ftw woman. They have the right to protest whether or not you agree with it. I take silent laughter in this because they have yet to realize them soldiers they hate are fighting for their right to protest so I think it’s ‘teh funnayz.'” Then she hit me cuz I don’t speak good. Then I was all, Why do women have… Read more »


    Uh… What?


    Whatever vernacular-ridden translation of the bible that’s from, I want a copy.


    Sorry to double-post, but I’m looking up these passages, and trying to figure them out.

    Just as it is written: “Jacob I loved, but Esau I hated.” = “God hates fags”
    Esau may have been hairy, and involved all kinds of soup shenanegans, but I can’t find any mention of him being gay.

    No tears for queers, ironically, is actually a long passage saying “Piss god off and he’ll smite you, but be good and he doesn’t care what religion you are”. Ironic because it uses the word ‘tolerance’ a bunch. Only Romans 1:24 is actually about gayness.


    How does exactly anal sex leades to death?


    Ever seen Goatse?


    Goatse = St. Peter’s Pearly Gate, or Hell’s Gaping Chasm?


    at least they’re not bombing shit. also, those poor fuckers are just pawns being used by someone with actual intelligence who, for whatever reason, doesn’t like gays and sees religion as a tool to protest them. and besides, they’re just as outspoken as many athiests. alecdalek, i’m looking at you.


    God made him an Athiest, who are you to question His judgement?


    I’m Christian but these people need to show other people respect. I have no problem at all with gays, atheists, agnostics or any other groups or religions. I hate it when people from my religion act like total dickheads. Fuck em’.


    I with WTFBURGERZ. My problem is with the wording ‘God hates’. God does not hate he loves as does Jesus. Christianity is about forgiveness and tolerance. I saw a documentary about this church and they are all clearly crazy. One of the banners was ‘a fag dies and God laughs’. That is completely stupid for this simple reason; if God does consider homosexuality a sin and if someone who is gay dies without seeking forgiveness then they would go to hell…this does not please God. God wants us all to find him and certainly does not find it amusing to… Read more »


    Well, there was a guy that said God smashed New Orleans with the Katrina because black people live there. That’s even more crazy.


    Who cares about what people have on picket signs anyway?


    fag = anal sex = poison? or is that pirate?


    Well they hardly had any girls on board.

    They had to get off somehow…

    I think this guy is really cracking down on homosexual pirates!!