Died of Dysentery

Aw poop.

I didn’t know it was fatal…

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    severe cases have shown to have the infected move thier bowels..from their body..all at once..at the same time..in one sitting

    Billy Manic

    At least it wasn’t in the river…it would NOT be blue.


    Dysentery can kill through dehydration.


    A ‘natural’ cure for dysentry is to boil up the bark of certain trees so it forms a thick paste, and then drink this paste.

    From this comes the expression “his bark is worse than his shite”.


    Lolz at Jimmed.


    I work upstairs from people who do cholera research, and they talk about how cholera patients have five gallons of water coming out of them per day. Not surprisingly, you tend to die both of dehydration and ionic imbalances (heart problems, etc.)

    Typically, patients get rehydration and lie in a “cholera cot”, which is a tarp cot with a hole that you put your ass over (google it).

    Liquid In, Liquid Out.



    # King John of England (1216)
    # King Louis VIII of France (1226)
    # King Louis IX of France (1270)
    # King Henry V of England (1422)

    seems to like kings…