Preparedness – Because those goddamn zombies aren’t going to kill themselves




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    Filed under “Holiday”? Which one would that be?

    BTW, it fits my oldest son perfectly. Now to put it on a t-shirt….


    holiday? post- apocalypse? same thing.

    Wally me a Holiday is a time without work…now lets face it, you probably won’t be goin in to your usual 9-5 job when those zombies start breakin out!!

    Thusly, a holiday!! You get all sorts of fun activities…Running, Screaming, Shooting, Bleeding and if your reeeeal lucky you’ll even get to survive, its just like survivor on TV!!! Now if THATS not an awesome holiday, well by george i don’t know what is!!


    Maybe the Get Laid Instantly Day. Thats better.


    As soon as I saw the black-rimmed image, I thought ‘iddqd.’ Indeed. It is a motivational poster. And a good one too!


    Just remember that Zombie George Peppard fights with us, not against us.

    Alec Dalek

    There’s really only two things you need, a hammer and a sickle. The sickle cuts off the head, and the hammer smashes it so the zombie stays dead. That’s what they do in Russia. Bad case of zombies there. That’s why they put the hammer and sickle on their flag.


    Dalek ftw. But why does Russia have such a bad time with zombies?


    EvilDon, Chernobyl. Duh.

    Alec Dalek

    Well that and some very bad Vodka (I’m sure they run out of the good stuff sometimes).


    In Soviet Russia, Good Vodka runs out of you!


    Bad Vodka+radiation=Zombies. I finally have another idea for my Evil Army of DOOM (the last one did not fair too well). I will instruct them not to eat the brains of the Dalek and DemolitionsGeek.

    Thanks guys! 😀


    The zombie apocolypse will be the best 2-4 week holiday ever. I can’ wait!


    Zombie Survival Guide would become the new Holy Bible.


    I don’t like Zombie Survival Guide, because zombies in that don’t have white eyes >:(

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