Actual real life picture of Saturn


Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of digital artwork in all it’s forms. But to see a picture like this… is still awe inspiring.

Oh and by the way… that blue dot in the upper left hand part, just inside the last ring formation… THATS EARTH.

(Taken by the Cassini Spacecraft)

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    Is this visible light, or another part of the spectrum?


    Now’s a good time to go relisten to Sagan’s words on our Pale Blue Dot


    Awesome… so it’s a composite mozaic of natural, ultraviolet, and infrared images with a slight color adjustment.

    For twelve hours Cassini was in Saturn’s shadow, and this spectacular image is the result.

    Thanks mancer and raven for the info.


    Carl Sagan seems to have a gift for stating the obvious and explaining the trite.


    I like this cos it reminds me of Jpsshytbox 😀


    EvilDon – obviously not someone who looked under rocks as a kid and later became interested in science or nature, are you?



    teeheehee When I was 8 my mum finally gave me a chemistry set… that set got me into alot of trouble… **sighs** good times good times

    Anyways, what I meant by my comment was that I heard about 2.5 mins of humans are on earth and only earth and one min of the earth is small and the universe is big. And yes, in my book that is as profound as turning over a rock. Trite and obvious indeed.




    What baffled me is that the image seems too perfect. That this spacecraft was there behind Saturn precicely at that moment to take that one most stunning of stunning shots seemed as likely as hat “once-in-a-lifetime” jackpot which, for most of us, never comes. And then I read the explanation behind the link. And was even more amazed! 12 hours worth of pictures taken from a suspended point in space so mind-bogglingly far from earth! Taken of something so mind-bogglingly beautiful as Saturn! And yet Earth is still visible. This made my day now, I can go to bed. There… Read more »

    Billy Manic

    I’m deep in awe right now. Really, this is just too amazing to be seen.


    There are alot of people out there who don’t think we should be sending out space probes. They say that the money we spend could be better spent on earth. They say that when every child on earth has enough to eat, then we can send out space probes. I look at this picture, and I point at the cost of the little war in Iraq and say “suck it”. I say we suspend all wars until every child on the earth has enough to eat.


    *Yawn* Yeah I knew Earth was far away from Saturn before this pic. And tiny—ever so tiny! *Goes back to sleep*

    Mechelle Clebert

    This is the finest shot I have ever seen of a planet how majestic!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go to Youtube and listen to the sounds of the planets very interesting.