Woman shows two bullets which she says hit her house



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    HA! It’s funny cuz they’re still in the cartridge!

    I see what you did there.

    Zoidberg face! :B


    Aww Demo you beat me to it. I was going to say – the person who interviewed the lady, the cameraman, etc.. all the people along the way that it took to get this article on da intarwebz…NO ONE noticed that they weren’t spent.



    Rather….those are bullets that her terrorist husband and son dropped on the way out the door. They were going to throw handfuls of them at the infidels.


    We liberated their weapons of slightly smaller destruction. But they still have their hands! PRAISE BE TO ALLAH THEY HAVEN’T LIBERATED THE HANDS!


    Now that I think of it, Shanghai, maybe they all knew they were not spent. They went on to post it anyway so they could expose this woman for a liar. Some sort of scalding social commentary about Iraqi grandmothers forging stories about people shooting at her house so that she can have a reason to hate America. Other than the liberation, bombings, and the like. Did I just blow your freaking mind?


    Maybe someone just threw them at her house.


    “Rather….those are bullets that her terrorist husband and son dropped on the way out the door.”
    Because if she’s foriegn looking her relatives are probably all terrorists.


    Yup, Ando, that’s EXACTLY what I was saying…


    First of all, she’s not foreign…..that picture was taken in Iraq, making her the local. Second… there was a firefight so close to her house that bullets were left behind….or….she got them from her house. What’s more….she’s showing them to journalists and saying that the Americans shot up her house. So, she’s got some aversion to the US. So, in my oh so humble opinion….she’s either related to or knows some of the shitbags that are blowing up our troops.

    So…..fuck your simpleminded-bleeding-heart-cry for-everyone-else-but-don’t-stick-up-for-yourself-ass.


    egnilk66, that line of shoddy reasoning is why we have rules of evidence in the court system.


    True, but this isn’t court and my answer is no less shoddy than Ando’s, “Because if she’s foriegn looking her relatives are probably all terrorists.”


    Go ahead and let yourself believe that there are no bad people in Iraq…or anywhere for that matter. And, of course, there’s NO WAY that this woman is, knows, or is related to any of the non-existent bad people.


    In her Defense, those are 5.56 NATO rounds, so yes they are from a US weapon. AK rounds are bigger.


    For the sake of argument….haven’t some weapons caches gone missing? Thus, ammunition caches too? So, they weren’t necessarily left there by US/Allied forces.

    They probably were dropped by US/Allied forces or obtained from a partially empty magazine left behind after a firefight.


    I was on a thread about this picture when it first came out; there are a couple of issues at play.

    First, the lady isn’t claiming that those bullets were shot. They were “apparently” dropped on her house from a helicopter or something.

    Second, at least on the previous thread, it was mentioned that all 5.56 rounds used by the USArmy are green-tipped, so these rounds are definately not originally from the US.

    It looks like she (or her terrorist husband) found some unspent rounds and decided to make a photo-op out of them.


    egnik, I think Ando was being sarcastic


    Ben1605, Ando was being sarcastic at my expense. Hence, the backlash.


    Right… o.0

    Alec Dalek

    Whatever the case, she is a lying bitch! This is why the words terrorist and muslim are becoming pretty much the same thing.


    HAHAHAHA There you have it!!


    I’m going to assume you’re trolling because no one could be that stupid.

    Personally I was focussing more on the bit that says ‘At least 175 people were slaughtered’ rather than whether or not the lady is a lying muslim/terrorist bitch.


    I’d hit it


    @egnilk – First, less coffee or crack or whatever it is that makes you a spaz.

    You called me a Bush-Following-Lemming the other day, and your posts made here today make you sound like one.

    What gives? No need to freak out and go on a name-calling tirade, either.


    Do you go by another name?

    I’m no Bush-whacker but I do stand behind the troops. It’s not their fault they’re there and they’re just doing what they’re told. So, I am behind them. I would like to see them come home but while they’re there, I’d like to see them protected and taken care of, not spited and spat upon. I am only guessing that’s why you say I’m a Bush supporter/follower. I am absolutely not.

    I’m a Libertarian and I believe in our Constitution. I believe that we are losing our liberties and the freedoms that make this country what it is or what it should be. I believe that our military makes this possible by fighting for us. I think that we need a LOT of change. I think that we should all be allowed to carry a sidearm for protection and to thwart off the gun-toting bad-guys that have so much of the country living in fear.

    If you don’t know if I’m carrying….will you rob me?


    ….and I think that makes me as Anti-Bush as they come.


    Spaz? What did I do that was Spazish or whatever? Did I….type a lot of words? What was it that would have you call me a Spaz? Just curious.


    “I think that we should all be allowed to carry a sidearm for protection and to thwart off the gun-toting bad-guys that have so much of the country living in fear. ”

    Are you really living in fear of gun-toting bad-guys? Cowering under the bed? Peeking out the window with your gun at the ready, aiming at all the passersby in case they suddenly attack?

    I’m just curious. I’ve never seen a gun-toting bad guy, but maybe it’s just really boring here.


    I’m not living in fear, but plenty are. You’ve never seen a gun-toting bad guy?? Have you never heard of a bank robbery or anything like that? Maybe you’ve heard of robbery in general where by force or fear someone takes something from it’s rightful owner. These are the things that are glorified in music videos, movies, video games, etc. Thereby desensitizing the World’s youth and making them think that if they shoot someone over some shoes (or whatever) that they’re now super cool….not super incarcerated. Those situations might just decline if people were allowed to carry weapons. If the bad guys out there….and they are out there….aren’t sure who is carrying…they might just go get a job. Whaddya think Eric? Does that make any sense?? I think if you don’t have any crime in your area….you’re living in the best area of all. Maybe the people of your town/city/area just don’t take any shit and the bad-guys know it….so they don’t go there.



    Yeah I go by KerryII from another location.

    By spaz I meant overreaact a little sometimes. I want you to know it wasn’t a jab, I call my best friends spazzes and crackheads all the time.

    As far as your Bush, war, and gun comments, I could not agree with you more. I have guns, with all but my 12 ga. locked up. Not loaded, but ready to roll.


    I have never seen a gun-toting bad guy either. They are out there, and I have a family, and want to be ready. It is boring where I live too.


    Ok… Cool….then really we’re on the same page, politically speaking anyway. It seemed like you were saying that I attacked you in this thread but I didn’t see your name.

    I just feel like people are too soft….letting things happen without raising their voices. WE must make the changes… AT LEAST be vocal.


    I got to like, comment 18 and stopped. TL;DR. Anyway! 5.56 NATO are also known as .336 winchester I believe. It’s the common military/civilian difference. Like how the Colt AR15 actually IS the US Military M16. And those are available world-round. It’s all irrelevant because SHE AR TERARIST WHOMG I AR TEH SCARED SHE HAS TEH BURKA ON SHE BLOWS TEH ARMIES UP. [terror level: SHIT-PANTS BROWN!1!!12!]


    .223 Remington. I was wrong. BUIT SHE STILL MAK TEH TERAR.


    The question is then- If they’re not US rounds, where did they come from? British Troops?

    It was a few years ago, But I fired an AK knock-off (Chinese) and it uses (I THINK) 7.62x60mm Bullets, although those numbers are foggy.

    I am, however, very sure that those are .223/5.56 bullets, only really in use by western armies.


    bla bla bla bla, take two of this and don’t call me evar!!!


    1) Those are, indeed, 5.56 mm rounds. Yes, the M4s and m16s used by the U.S. military fire 5.56 and all live rounds used by the regular military have their tips painted green.

    2) Recently, however, we gave the Iraqi Army a good amount of M4s and M16s to help replace their aging AK-47s.

    3)This woman lives in Sadr City, which is arguably the worst spot in all of Iraq. It’s a shiite stronghold in Baghadd, just as the article says and it is heavily guarded and populated by the insurgents. The only forces that really go into Sadr City that much are the special forces, who may not use the green-tipped ammunitions.

    It’s really just a list of endless possibilities as to where this woman got the rounds from, but here’s a fact: those soldiers didn’t just randomly say to themselves “Hey, let’s take a helicopter to the most dangerous place in Iraq just to screw around and shoot a house up.”




    egkilk66 said:

    “…I am behind them. I would like to see them come…”

    That made me LOL far too much for someone my age.


    I guess he has a thing for millitary types…

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