Trade Towers Ground Zero Satellite Photo

Ground Zero Satellite Photo

Ground Zero Satellite Photo

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    I am writing this comment on September 11th, 2007 to remember all the victims that have died in the World Trade Center and the related attacks on that fateful day.

    May God have mercy on the terrorists who perpetrated these attacks. May the victims whose lives have been claimed rest in peace. And may America continue to stand strong in the near future.

    We will never forget.




    Thank you for this post.

    Although we can laugh and make fun (I have, and did, today) we need to remember the people in the office building that morning. Some were goofing off and probably looking at MCS (or some other inferior image site)like us that day and then BOOM.

    This day in 2001 was shitty. I do not support Bush or the Iraq war, but the folks that died that day need to be respected and remembered.

    tiki god

    I was on my way into work at Subway (eat fresh) when I heard it on the local radio. Had to work while listening to the radio from like 10-6pm, and didn’t get to see images till I got home. That was one shitty night.

    Then Bush went on tv and made an ass out of himself. ..”Crusade”.. wtf.


    Alec Dalek

    There’s no point in praying to “god” about this. It was religion that caused this in the first place.


    What a pity, the actual deaths didn’t even reach 3,000, that’s quite a pity for such a big target.


    i’m sure you’re a devout atheist, AlecDalek, but we don’t need to hear it. Christ, you’re worse than the religious nuts. stfu