Asbestos Would Have Saved The Twin Towers


When life depends on it, you use asbestos.

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    Alec Dalek

    Ok, I’m serious here. Asbestos is not nearly as dangerous as the mania that surrounds us. If you were someone that applied it without proper protective gear, then yes, you will die. But if you installed it with the same gear they now use to install that pink fibre shit, you’d be fine. And once it’s in place, it doesn’t harm anyone. It was all propaganda. Asbestos was a Canadian product, and the americans jumped on the moron installer angle to get it banned so they could sell more of their inferior pink shit.


    Doesn’t asbestos make you have cancer?


    If you breathe in the dust from asbestos, then you get asbestositis, so aslong as you work with it while wearing some kind of protective mask, you will be perfectely fine. Parts of my old school are still made from asbestos, but because the walls are covered with plaster board and painted, it’s perfectely harmless.


    Ok. Time for a small geology lesson. Asbestos contains three subgroups. One is shaped kinda like a toothpick. Another is shaped kinda like a stretched spring. the other is currently unimportant. The one that is toothpick like sticks into the lining of the lungs when breathed in and a hard bump will form over it. this bump does not function as the normal lung lining does and will not process oxygen. thus inhaling large amounts can cause permanent disability and/or death. the spiral spring shaped one has all the same properties as the toothpick one but has absolutely no side effects. this was not known at the time the heath risks were discovered. So when used correctly asbestose can have no negative side effects in the short or long term.

    Thus concludes this lesson.


    So, the spiral one is perfectely safe to work with/breathe in? o.O


    I wouldn’t breath in excessive amounts because doing that with just about anything is bad for you but the spiral one work the same way dust does. unless you breath in WAY more than you should anyway Nothing will happen. so just a normal painters mask/dusk mask would fix that. Under normal use though that wouldn’t be a problem so yes it is perfectly safe to work with but because of the lack of knowledge about this know by the majority of the public it’s not used anyway.


    Oooh, so why don’t builders start using the spirally asbestos then? o.O


    People are idiots. Simple as that.

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