Live like you mean it – Barcardi

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    The Lawnmower

    No, that’s not irony.

    Irony does not mean ‘funny coincidence’.


    Irony here would apply if there was some way to determine this crash was due to a drunk driver with Bacardi on-board.

    Looking too much into things sometimes takes the fun out of stuff. =\

    The Lawnmower

    “Irony here would apply if there was some way to determine this crash was due to a drunk driver with Bacardi on-board.”

    No, that’s still just a ‘funny coincidence’.


    @The Lawnmower I think the fact someone that gets killed or almost killed by something that has “Live like you mean it” as slogan is pretty ironic. Bacardi is telling you to drink up, which in turn will mean you want to live, while having a perfect example of how it does everything but give you life. Keep in mind I’m not saying alcohol = death, but it’s clear that when you “drink like you mean it” you don’t have control of 100% of your body which or its senses, which could lead to an accident or even death. And… Read more »

    The Lawnmower

    Coincidence. Is. Not. Irony.

    The Lawnmower

    You could say the slogan of the product (alcohol) that causes a large number of deaths, ‘Live like you mean it.’, is ironic (in a shallow interpretation).
    But that has nothing to do with the car crash.


    Isn’t that what I said..? If the crash *was* caused by someone drinking alcohol, preferibly Bacardi, it’d be ironic to see a Bacardi truck that promotes “life” by telling you to drink.

    The Lawnmower

    I’m not going to repeat myself.


    I think the irony is that it’s illegal in California to use the name of any restaurant, retailer, etc in an ad for an alcoholic beverage. That truck is basically a rolling ad for Bacardi that has the distribution company’s name on the side too. Just imagine that the cop is ticketing the truck driver for that.

    Mr Wright

    Don’t repeat yourself lawnmower because you sound ignorant.

    The messaging of the van and implied life endangerment are indeed ironic by its definition. Yes, “ironic” is misused and overused everywhere – but not here.