Angry For Allah



When isn’t a muslim angry? Oh right, when they’re seething with rage.

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    Don’t they realize that they’re just fucking idiots?


    ….that they’re killing themselves and everyone else for nothing?? For a smelly, stinky, dirt floor, wipe your ass with your hand country??? If they just got a little nicer they might get some toilet paper.


    I know this will be edited..but what the hay…
    Know this, many of us don’t distinguish between these islamist extremists and christian or jewish nutters. Just too bad we can’t become marsies and leave this planet to you dumbasses to fight over with Myth as your guiding light. It’s the new Millenium, stop the decent into the new Dark age already !!!


    Anyone who beleives in an invisible man is a fucking idiot.


    It’s sad, if they only would realize how people are using their religion to make them do what they want
    And that they are looked at as cannon fodder to further others agenda.


    There was times when christians did the same things as muslims. Who will be next? Extreme Buddhists? 😀



    “Let go of your commitments to material goods or die!”


    “May you die in peace and harmony” *BOOOM*


    Christians and Muslims I don’t get. Why everyone in your country, and every country you come in contact with, has to believe the same thing as you, I’ll never understand. Yet, that’s the entire history of Christianity, and a on-again-off-again theme in Islam. Do you think the average Buddhist gives a shit weather everyone in the world is Buddhist? Not that I’ve ever heard of. And contrary to what the media leads you to believe, Israel is chalk-full of Christians, Druze and uncle-Tom Israelized Muslims. Hell, I can’t think of a single religion that’s half as spazzy as christianity and… Read more »


    Christianity and Muslim are created to control people. They forcefully try to assimilate every person, so the leaders of the religion can control the belief of everybody.


    every time i see one of this selfexploding assholes i lol a little, they will blow themselves up for a paradise and 72 virgins, i’d love to see their faces when they find out all the shit they were fed about islam is big lie, and i lol too when i think of christians and all the money they give to the guy in a white suit.


    i know they won’t find out but it would be so cool if they did, just for moar lulz.


    What I find interesting is that if you look at the age of islam, 1400+ years, you will find it awfully similar in behavior to that of christianity at the same age: crusades, inquisition, the whole shebang. People better look out for scientologists around the year 3370!


    “Counter Terrorists win”