PC Versus Mac (Person Edition)


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    1. Error401 says:

      Hmm, the caption on the left is in the wrong spot.

    2. 356094 says:

      Yeah, the captions are switched.

    3. ogie says:

      lol …it is funny because it is true.

    4. Error401 says:

      Bravo ogie, spoken like a true fanboy.

    5. Hepathos says:

      The truth is PC and Mac has it’s own problems. But PC has more games and third wheel mouse… so yeah. 😀

    6. vygramul says:

      Anyone so insulted as to be moved to making the image really must be insecure about his penis size. Anyone who thinks they’re better because they use a Mac has sand in their vag.

    7. Error401 says:


      Enough with the scroll wheel and right mouse button crap. Jesus fucking Christ, OS X natively supports the multi button scroll wheel blah blah as PC. Find something concrete to rag on Mac about. Personally I run OS X and Vista Ultimate on a Macbook. I sure wish I could do the same on a Dell, HP, or any other PC-only platform.

    8. Alec Dalek says:

      There’s no need to emulate Mac OS X on Windows. There’s nothing you can do on a mac that you can’t with windows (that anyone cares about, anyway). It’s very telling that so many “mac” users run windows emulators. They have to in order to get access to any decent software.

    9. Error401 says:

      Who said anything about an emulator? The intel Macs run Windows natively.



    10. BatteryLow says:

      Decent software eh AlecDalek? yea… like Microsoft Office?… hahahaha… decent… LOL. The only reason that mac users need to run emulators for windows is called backward compatibility. Windows can’t keep up, so naturally, mac OSX needs to provide a way for Macs to hold window’s user’s hands and help them along into the future. it’s not that difficult to understand… PC can’t run Mac OSX because, well, they aren’t as advanced yet.

    11. argonplatypus says:

      Hey I’ll be on the PC side this time!


    12. egnilk66 says:

      I still run a Commodore 64!!! Emulate that on your Mac, BITCHES!!!

    13. Caio says:

      “Hmm, the caption on the left is in the wrong spot.”
      “Yeah, the captions are switched.”

      No, I’ve seen those commercials, and I’m pretty sure the skinny dude isn’t the PC.

    14. Solo66 says:

      sure here you go

      really you guys shouldn’t be so jealous just because Windows blows and has been playing catchup for the last 7 years and basically ripping off all of OSX’s features. Is having more games really all you got for your argument?

    15. Gaexion says:

      Thanks for contributing to the ongoing Mac vs PC debate, surely it will be our generations greatest milestone as new civilizations uncover our threads and view our old TV adds they will no doubt understand why both sides fought so tenaciously to prove their platforms worth…
      Oh wait that’s right, they won’t, because people who partake in this fucking shit are fucking retarded, go masturbate to ICHC and leave the rest of us alone you fucking shitheads.

      Edit:What’s a Linux?

    16. Error401 says:

      It’s always the PC camp that brings this shit up, and perpetuates old myths. Personally I really don’t give a flying fuck either way. I sit in front of a PC every day admining a Windows domain. I use PC’s and Mac’s equally at home utilizing each’s strengths. I also think that ALL computers (those things plugged into that virtual world called the internet) as tools of Satan and they are inherently evil. I realized this one night when the voices told me Heidi Klum is actually a dude and the color red is actually green but the public school system is too fucked up to teach the kids right so we all accept the fact that things are right and normal and kittens don’t actually die when we beat our meat.

    17. ArtDecoDalek says:

      Pretty sure Hodgman is wearing frilly lace panties under the cheap suit.

    18. eric says:

      Just out of curiosity, what browser do folks use on Macs? Is there a native browser and does anyone use it? Are you folks using Firefox or something else? -Thanks…

    19. ArtDecoDalek says:

      eric, there are several native browsers. The browser made by Apple and included with Mac OS X is Safari, and is one of the few browsers on the market than can pass the Acid2 browser test (IE doesn’t come close to passing. Firefox v3 passes, but it’s still in alpha). I mostly use Camino, which is a freeware native Mac implementation of the Mozilla engine, which is what Firefox uses. There’s also a semi-native, ported version of Firefox, which is okay, but has a few problems. Other good native browsers include OmniView, Opera, and others, but those cost money.
      Pretty much every one I’ve tried sucks a lot less than IE. I do web development, and IE is always the one that I have to do a lot of extra stuff for to make it work. Mostly I target things for Firefox, and it’ll work on most browsers, and then I fuck up my code until it works on IE.

    20. ArtDecoDalek says:

      egnilk66 on September 6th, 2007 4:13 pm:

      “I still run a Commodore 64!!! Emulate that on your Mac, BITCHES!!!”


    21. eric says:

      ArtDecoDalek – Thank you for the information. That’s what I was looking for. Would you say that most things that render correctly on a PC in FireFox would render correctly on the Mac in Camino and Safari?

      Anyone able to comment on Linux browsers, along the same line?


    22. Alec Dalek says:

      BatteryLow, that has to be the most long winded non-answer I’ve ever heard. The fact is all the good software that was exclusive to mac, has been ported to the PC (because companies like to make money). There is a massive amount of software and games exclusive to windows.

      Error401, that’s right, you don’t need an emulator anymore, because apple abandoned the PowerPC processor. The whole point of getting a mac is gone. You now need an emulator to run your old software, and it’s basically just a PC running Unix and an apple branded GUI. It’s no better than Linux, and A LOT more expensive. Mac users, I hope you enjoy your Intel PC’s.

    23. Ben1605 says:

      Intel Macs can’t use software designed for older non-Intel Macs? o.O

      And on the whole PC vs Mac, debate, I’m on Macs side, but both systems have alot of advantages and disadvantages. Like Mac OSs are much more stable and works better than Windows OSs, but PCs are much cheaper then Macs, and can be custom built. And this argument will never end, so why do we even bother having it?

      PC users should stop bitching at Mac users, and Mac users should stop bitching at PC users. People using Macs aren’t hurting PC users, so stop trying to get us to switch to Windows when we clearly don’t want to, and PC users aren’t hurting Macs users, so let’s stop trying to get PC users to switch to Mac aswell.

    24. ArtDecoDalek says:

      eric, if you get into heavy JavaScript and AJAX, you will really need to test it on a Mac and Linux box, as there are some quirks depending on the platform. If you’re just doing HTML/CSS/PHP type stuff, it should be fine on those platforms in Safari/Camino/Firefox.

    25. ArtDecoDalek says:

      AlecDalek, that is an astounding level of cluelessness, even by Internet standards. Maybe you should apply at Microsoft, I think they’re looking for some stellar brains for their new “iPhone Killer” project.

    26. Alec Dalek says:

      What can I say, the truth hurts.

    27. Alec Dalek says:

      Oh, and thanks for ripping off my handle.

    28. despite rumors says:

      I get so excited when I come to MCS and there’s a post with 25+ comments…but this didn’t do it for me today, boys.

    29. Error401 says:

      OM NOM NOM

    30. eric says:

      ArtDecoDalek – Thanks again for your information. I appreciate your expertise and will take your advice about checking local scripting on both the Mac and PC. Take care…

    31. despite rumors says:

      OM NOM NOM does it every time.

    32. KerryII says:


      I couldn’t give any less shits regarding MAC vs. PC.

      As long as I can gets ma PORN!

    33. wookie_x says:

      I would like to thank everyone involved for giving me a good giggle.

    34. El_Chupachichis says:


    35. el_metal says:

      the elitist faggot can’t afford a shave cause he spent all his moneys on a mac.

    36. FlyingMantisShrimp says:

      Well, it’s a good thing we finally settled this debate.

    37. kn0xy says:

      Fucking great. I look at the post, see that there’s 35 Comments and already knew why there was so much. Pick a fucking topic to attack already, OS or Hardware, don’t mux the two.

    38. Ando says:

      “Windows can’t keep up, so naturally, mac OSX needs to provide a way for Macs to hold window’s user’s hands and help them along into the future”

      I laughed so hard at this one, bravo.

    39. FlyingMantisShrimp says:

      Well, just one last thing, here:


      I just think it’s a funny article.

    40. EvilDon says:

      **Nostalgically remembers playing “Sabotage” on the Apple IIe**
      Apple. Apple used to be teh l337 pplz, Seriously. Steve Wozniak was a true pioneer of the computer industry. Apple computers brought computers to people for a much smaller cost, then, for instance, IBM, because of their ingenuity. Apple made a simple effective system and helped to bring computers to the world.

      **The world now**

      Apple. Apple is a company lives by marketing, not be engineering. The days of bringing a good, functional, competitively priced computer are done with. Now they make overpriced systems only to pay their huge marketing bill. Apple still makes computers because they started to use other people’s good hardware. Quite simply, they could no longer compete in that realm. What’s left of Apple? They use other people’s ideas (or hardware), mark them as their own and market them to consumers, as if, a piece of hardware is better in a Apple (just because it’s a Apple). They use a Operating system that about any (free) Linux distro can give a run for it’s money (even the tiny DSL). And they even charge more then the “competition”.

      What is left of the company that Apple is marketing? Nothing. Perhaps one day Apple will return with true innovation, rather then stealing other peoples ideas( ipod, iphone) and hardware.

    41. Error401 says:

      Windows dogmatic sheep, always going for that final dig.

      Fucking give it a rest already. The more you post, the more you prove that the 1337 windows users are the elitist faggots. Yes, there are some elitist Mac users. I used to be a Mac tech, and I’ve seen the “windows sucks ass and it’s not good for anything” attitude. I’m currently a windows domain admin and I’ve seen users who think that turning off the monitor is actually shutting the computer off (no matter how many times I tell them different), or have no idea what to do when their name isn’t in the login window. If you want a Mac, get one, use it, be happy. Same’s true for Windows. But for fucks sake, if you’re gonna have a pissing match, back it up with facts (or better yet, links to facts) that can be researched. Who did Apple steal the idea for the iPod and iPhone from? Linux easier than Windows or OS X, give me a fucking break. Look at all the comments. Not one “Windows” user posted anything positive. At least ArtDeco and eric managed to produce something positive and helpful (mad props).

      Wait, come to think about it, other than those comments, all the rest are stock comments that get posted to every other post here.

      OM NOM NOM
      I’d hit it
      Macs suck
      Werz mah bucket
      blah blah blah

      Same shit, different day. Personally, I’m tired of wasting my time here.

    42. Alec Dalek says:

      I’ll translate Error401’s last post:

      Please stop posting, what you are saying is making me question the apple party line (of which I’m a dogmatic sheep), and I want to have the last post so I can save some face. Now I’ll point out the existence of dumb people that use windows and try desperately to draw a correlation. Now I’ll insist people back up everything they say with facts, because I sure as hell can’t. Next I’m going to list the people that agree with me and say “mad props” to show my street cred. I will also acknowledge that I didn’t read any of the pro-windows comments because they’re scary. Finally, I’ll wrap up with some random distractions.

    43. Error401 says:

      Thanks Alec, you do nothing but prove my point.

    44. EvilDon says:

      Were you referring to me? Because I was advocating the finer and lesser points of past and current Macs. And I did NOT advocate windows. And as I mentioned I have Macs (actually two in my house right now). Also, why do you ask for references on the things I picked on about Apple but not the things that I said were great? Really, though, I don’t care. Because my point was that Apple is no longer the innovator they were. (Which is sad)

      Yes, you are right, idiots are idiots no matter what OS they use. I am (among other things) a sysadmin where I work. I don’t have any trouble from the people using Linux boxes. In fact when we were first started running Ubuntu here one person said “that Ubuntu is actually really easy to use”. And I have had almost no trouble at all with Ubuntu at work.

      If you seriously believe that Apple invented the mp3 player and mobile phones with multimedia capability, go right ahead. I will leave it alone and everyone else will laugh at you. (Btw “stealing” was a poor choice of a word on my part. ‘Using’ is more accurate.)

    45. Alec Dalek says:

      The first commercial mp3 player was the Rio by Diamond Multimedia. And I’m pretty sure the first mobile phones (made by Motorola) came out before the mac did, even. Of course they weighed more than the first mac did.

      Ah, the 68000 based macs, those were sweet! I just wish Apple had stayed with the Motorola/IBM/Siemens cpu platform (PowerPC, etc). I loved that chip (I still have an AIX system running with dual PowerPC 604’s). There was a time I agreed macs were awesome. Now they’re just PC’s

    46. EvilDon says:

      Dalek, FTW.

    47. Error401 says:

      Alec, reread all the comments and try to add it all up for yourself.

      Don. No, Apple didn’t invent the mp3 player or MM phones, and I fully realize and admit that. I’m just tired of hearing “Macs only have one mouse button” and “you have to use an emulator to run Windows” and so on when these are myths and falsehoods. It is kind of sad that the vast majority of users are entrenched in one camp or the other and can’t (or won’t) admit that the other is just different and may do things the other won’t. I too am a sysadmin at work, and I have both Mac and Windows at home. I use both, and I will probably take a look at ubuntu sometime down the road as well.

    48. EvilDon says:

      Honestly I rarely use the macs I have at home (they were given to me, I did not buy them). I feel dirty using them (picturing myself with a goatee wearing a pair of jeans **shudders**)… But I feel dirty using windows too, just not as much.

      If you try out Ubuntu, look at the supported printers before installing. Printers are the Linux weak spot.

    49. Alec Dalek says:

      For most of the time between now and 1984, you did in fact need an emulator to run Windows. Now you just need BootCamp, because they’re not really macs anymore, just PC’s running Unix with a GUI dressed up as a mac. So they’re Linux.

    50. Alec Dalek says:

      Fedora is a good distro (in that its easy to install like Ubuntu). However one annoyance with Linux is you usually have to download extra binaries in order to get mpeg and mp3 support (for legal reasons). It’s not the fault of Linux though.

      At my wedding a couple years ago, I wanted to use my laptop as an automated “DJ”, but I didn’t trust windows to do the job. So I got a spare hard drive and installed Fedora (and the extra bins) and it worked like a charm. One of my friends got married around the same time and he used a Mac Powerbook. Also worked like a charm.

      I prefer windows, but I don’t trust it for somethings.

    51. EvilDon says:

      Dalek, you are (correct and) sullying Linux with your speech. Apple took a innocent kernel, skipping about in a field, and raped it with a ipod, while Steve Jobs and the Goatee-jeans guy made love in the background. (Which is why running OSX makes me feel more dirty then running windows)

    52. EvilDon says:

      I have fedora (6) too. I once used my pocket pc for an automated “DJ” at a wedding. Worked very well.

      **Notices past comments** I really seem to hate Apple’s marketing.

    53. wookie_x says:

      If you’re looking for a Linux distro, try Slackware 12.0. I was warned against it, being told that it was the least user friendly of all of them. Fortunately I tried it anyway (I was getting frustrated with working on this ancient IBM thinkpad) and it installed GREAT. There are still a couple small bugs to iron out (WiFi and sound) but otherwise it’s running like a champ. I just need to figure out how to switch the GUIs. I know it’s possible, but this is a work in progress and an experiment in slackertude.

    54. Alec Dalek says:

      I’m going to be dangerous and say I prefer KDE over Gnome.

    55. EvilDon says:

      I have tried Slackware. Was not impressed with it…

      I like both. Gnome for older systems and KDE because it’s a little more versatile. Why do you like it?

    56. Alec Dalek says:

      Just for that reason. Gnome is more “pretty”, but I can do more with KDE. But maybe that’s just me.

    57. el_metal says:

      longthread is looooooong

    58. deleted_user says:

      ROFL mac is that guy on the internet you argue with and always corrects your spelling.

    59. Gaexion says:

      Fuck this fucking shitty fucking shit!
      Fuck you mac.
      Fuck you PC.

    60. Rawr says:

      cant we make this gay argument a separate thread?!?! this is probably chewing over 20 GB of bandwidth right now

      P.S check out www.mac-sucks.com, think you know mac is better? think again

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