Fuel Vs. Wallet


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    I am not worried. Up here in the boonies we don’t have to commute 10 hours a week to work. I drive to work for 5 minutes a day.

    Gives me ma horsepower! V8 5.9L 285 ponies.

    Here is what I drive, sorry for the crappy image:


    Alec Dalek

    2 hours to work + 2 from work x 5 days a week x 50 work weeks per year x 45 years = 45,000 hours = over 5 years of your life spent trapped in a tin box.

    Commuting is for suckers.


    Who the fuck lives 2 hours from their job? Location, man!


    Um… AlecDalek… aren’t Daleks always in tin boxes?


    I do. I pay $1100 a month for a 4 bedroom townhome (1500+ sq. ft.). Where I work, 45mins away without Traffic, 2 hours+ w/ (usually is traffic.), a 800 sq. ft. studio is going for roughly $2000+ a month. So do the math, Pay $1100 + $300 a month in Gas = $1400, still cheaper than living in Orange County (CA).


    I walk to work.
    Only takes an hour.

    Alec Dalek

    Don’t get me started on Dalek traffic. None of can use the HOV lane!


    KerryII, 285 HP for a truck that size is not that much. A nice Buick has 300 HP. And the single cab GMC I sometimes use at work has well over 300 (345 I think).

    Though, I do not commute. I would enjoy the time to read. So, for me, it would not be too bad.

    “Um… AlecDalek… aren’t Daleks always in tin boxes?” -eric FTW


    You’re right, EvilDon, but the truck is 2WD and quite light. She’ll take off when I want her to.

    It’s a 98, so it’s the Magnum V8. The new Hemi V8, at 5.7L, pushes 345HP.


    Ah, speaking of hemis, am I the only one that is disappointed with the new ones? The old ones had about 1 HP per CI. The new ones are about the same. New ones are more better on gas because of fuel injection. Is that all the progress of 30+ years? RIDICULOUS!


    This is why I never drive my 1988 v8 5.0 liter mustang GT.

    I don’t even pay for insurance.

    I just drive it sometimes.