Bad Mini Parking Job

Bad Parking

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    Alec Dalek

    Now children, the driver of that car is what we call an asshole.


    Yup, someone kick his door in, please.


    That there makes me ANGRY.


    Shit like this really pisses me off. There are assholes like this all over my block that take up 4-5 extra spaces a day with they shitty parking.


    Guys, lighten up. Just push away the mini. What, it weights like 20 kilos. Or better yet, pust it in the lake.


    Put it on blocks, remove wheels and put a big sign on it saying “I’m an asshole who can’t park.”

    I’m a firm believer in if you can’t park it, you shouldn’t be allowed to drive it.


    Now in his defense that big bad Mercedes SUV is parked ON the line. He’s probably worried that if he parks in the space next to it that the SUV driver will run over his little car. I always make it a point to park next to people that park ON the line. I make sure that I leave JUST enough room for them to get in their door, unless they’re in the next space over, in which case I park as close as possible to them. If they damage my car it’s their fault, I’m in my parking space,… Read more »


    And this happened in Germany, where they take pride in parking their cars in tight spaces (as far as I can tell). Germans are too polite to kick in his doors, but I’m sure he got a lot of nasty looks.


    this was evidently a female driver…..