Police Hate


[Fuck the police tattoo]
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    like i can see they wanted to take a picture of the tat. but can they lift up your shirt legally?


    It most likely is legal, but I don’t know why they would do it. I would have thought that tattoos would be documented at the police station, not seemingly out in public like that – though it’s probably just for the cops’ personal amusement. Either way, it’s pretty unprofessional of them.

    Alec Dalek

    We all hate the cops, but ya gotta keep it to yourself, bra.


    I may be being stereotypical but that looks like one of those cocky-ass “ESES” y’know, bald heads cheesy moustache and speak spanglish when insulting you, so I’m glad he’s being humilliated (not because of his ethnic origin, but their attitude).


    He must really hate that band!


    He doesn’t look like a Nigga With Attitude.


    If you look at his arms, it looks like he’s handcuffed. Also if you look at the background, it looks like a crown vic with an open trunk, and a white sheet hanging from the trunk. They may have been taking mugshots in public due to some type of operation.


    You’re right phantasm, it does look like a white background for pictures, but what crown victoria’s trunk opens over 6′ tall? I would have to say its the same as the other expedition on the left.

    Also, cops are cool, fuck the criminals. And fuck mexicans.

    Fuck pigs

    Fuck the cops. Fuck the law. Go criminals. All pigs must die.


    looks like the police are about to fuck him


    It is very common for law enforcement to take pictures of suspected gang members, including any and all gang tattoos the have, in the field. He has handcuffs on, but he is most likely not under arrest, just detained.


    teh cop says: I has a date


    Knowing mexicans, and jail, the mexican is pretty likely to be up for that.


    Whats with all the beaner-bashing casemods? Funny, just didn’t know u didn’t like mexicans.


    Most mexicans hate white people. Don’t see why I shouldn’t return the favor.

    I have mexican friends, don’t get me wrong, but the majority of them hate white people.


    sounds like casemods had a bad experience with a mexican and jail.


    I’ve never been to jail.

    California is 90% mexican now.

    It’s like tv – you get tired of seeing the same thing all the time.


    sorry, i kid. but yeah thats not the kind of mexican you want for a friend.


    Sometimes I wonder if any mexican is friend worthy in San Jose.


    oh btw, i am mexican but i don’t take racial slurs personally, i understand why you US americans are like that.


    el_metal, it’s only because race will always matter, and/or color. Nothing personal.


    i agree, i’m just saying that in the usa that’s your main issue, here in mexico i’ts not so much about race as it is social status.


    Let’s cut to the quick: You don’t want to judge any group based on it’s worst fuckups. Whereas you don’t want to judge all mexicans based on the xenophobes and criminals, you don’t want to judge all white guys based on the ignorant, assuming, half-wit, barely-educated trash *hint hint*

    But yeah, I admit, white guys are never poor and never commit crimes.


    Caio wins!


    White people are never poor or commit crimes ftw