Apple – Crash Different


This poor fellows mac crashes once a day, even after a clean install:

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    Uh, what? Roughly how many Mac users do you know Alec? I work with both and each has it’s place. Personally I’m tired of both fan boy camps. I administer a Windows domain for work, and I do personal stuff on a Mac. Matter of fact I’m running Vista and OS X on a Macbook. Also, the rainbow logo is so OS9 it’s not even funny.


    It also helps to read more than the first post in a thread. Down at the bottom NAV is brought up (NAV sucks just as much on a Mac as it does on Windows). And the crashes sound a lot like a bad memory issue.


    My advice to the poor guy who’s Mac was crashing would be to uninstall NAV altogether. Why waste the money and system resources to protect against the one known OSX virus that’s already been patched?

    Speaking of crashes, this is an oldie but a goodie:


    Yes, but the term Kernel Panic sounds cooler.

    Howie Feltersnatch

    I have a G4 Power Mac at home. I’ve been running OS X on it for the past three years. Not one single time–NOT ONCE–has the OS ever crashed. I’ve had Word crash a couple of times, and Excel maybe three times, and an iTunes crash once when I improperly unplugged my iPod. And I think Firefox went down a couple times after I installed some weird extension. In each of those times I just restarted the program. No need to reboot the OS. In fact, the only time I reboot is every couple of months when Apple releases some… Read more »


    Howie, I’m kind of disappointed that I read your entire post and not once was there any sort of sexual joke. Are you feeling okay?


    Running both, I can say with certainty that my PC crashes an order of magnitude or two more often than my Mac. That doesn’t keep me from running both. But I only use the PC for games and porn. For actual work and other web-browsing, photoshop, email, and so on, I use the Mac.


    My old iMac crashed maybe 3 times in the 6 years I had it. My PC with XP has never crashed and only frozen a few times. I have to use Macs, Windows, and Linux. Mac was for art, Windows is for Visual Studio, and Linux for the robot.

    My laptop’s DVD drive died though 🙁

    Damned mechanical failures.


    My PCs don’t crash either, unless I am doing something weird with them (like running a program that was not made to work on xp or linux; whatever os I am running at the time).

    I just thought of something… What if Microsoft had Apple’s marketing department?

    Funny thing HERE! My vista system will not install Halo 2. No amount of troubleshooting has done anything for it. Whereas, I have a xp system that runs it quite nicely. But my vista machine does not crash either…So maybe Microsoft really is copying Apple. Neither crash and neither run Halo 2. Teeheehee


    XP is the best of breed so far in the x86 stable.

    I was almost ready to give the greenlight on implementing Vista in our corp domain. Then I found out MS pretty much hosed any hope of interactive remote help (RDP or VNC, see session 0). That pretty much cut it for me.

    If it’s any consolation, my iPhone has locked up three times in two days. My old Razr v3 never locked up, but then again it kind of sucked overall.


    Oh happy day, yet another MAC/PC debate.


    All the OS’s have a lot of problems, the reason Macs run so stable is because the OS maker is also the manufacturer of the computer. The drivers meet the OS’s expectations. I’ve never used a mac and never plan on it, mostly because of price, and the fact I can’t build it, its a hobby to build PC’s. I could also debate Linux is better but only to the advanced user, and if you have a computer that has parts that are Linux driver supported. This Mac Vs PC shit is dumb, they both have there places. But I… Read more »