Olsen Twins See Through Dress



I’m happy to report that this is real.  Jerk Off. Discuss.

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    Think Bob Saget ever thinks of hittin it?


    They look like failed betas of Courtney Love.

    “Right on, dude!”


    Obviously a fake. The left one has to have straight hair, and the right one has to have curly hair!

    Howie Feltersnatch

    I could beat it, if they were actually hot. As it is, the Olson twins cause the Melty Man to pay me a visit.

    Alec Dalek

    I almost thought her nipple was peaking out. Ack, I kinda wish I hadn’t seen that. I know they’re legal now, but I watched them grow up, it’s kinda disturbing.


    They make me cry through my penis.


    You’re obviously not as desperate as I am, Alec, because I would hit that in a second, regardless of how much money she has.


    god. someone get these girls some cheeseburgers.


    seamonkey, are you forgetting that it’s greasy food that makes America fat? You must be used to fat people, but I’m not. Fat people disgust me. I resent that comment.

    Alec Dalek

    Nope, these girls definitely need some cheeseburgers. Skinny chicks like these two aren’t very feminine. They have manly bodies! Give me boobs and curves any day!

    Jesus Christ

    Annorexia = instant turn off.


    Eh, i’d go the whole moral high ground “Aneroxia is bad and all” and i do prefer my woman with a bit more to them…but who am i kiddin, i’d hit it…i’d hit it hard!