My girlfriend would do anything for me. So I made her sell her body



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    Alec Dalek

    Wanna keep the kiddies off the meth? Legalize pot. Seriously!

    tiki god

    Is that you liberals answer for everything? legalize one of the most destructive substances in the history of man kind? oh, that’s real smart.

    Alec Dalek

    Destructive? It’s harmless. The only danger it poses is the crime associated with it’s prohibition. Legalize it, and that would go away.

    Don’t listen to the propaganda. It’s actually safer than alcohol or tobacco. You can kill yourself by drinking too much booze in an evening. Pot has never killed anyone. If you think different, then please, let’s see some links to deaths caused by smoking too much pot! It’s never happened.


    except for the link between schizophrenia and long term pot use…

    casemods UID# 667

    My dad has been smoking weed for years.

    He has a full time job, makes $40 + an hour and even more for overtime.

    He doesn’t go out partying, he sits and watches TV all the time.

    He’s a bit dorky and corny, but no where near schizophrenic.

    I don’t believe any link between the 2.

    It must be the fucked up minds of the majority of people that make that statistics


    why is everyone on both sides so piss poor informed on weed? there are no carcinogens in weed like cigarettes so it doesn’t cause cancer. it has no physically addictive properties. if you have a PREDISPOSITION for schizophrenia then your chances increase for it to develope. it also helps protect your brain cells before heavy drinking. studies suggest that it even stimulates brain cell growth. however, your brain cells to grow back on their own over time. pot is not a gateway drug. that’s stupid. however, if you have to buy pot from drug dealers you are exposed to the… Read more »


    Alec, marijuana is a gateway drug you idiot. Before I smoked I would have never thought of trying ecstasy or cocaine, but after you smoke, you think, “hey it can’t be that bad”

    Luckily I stopped smoking weed altogether, and I hardy ever drink anymore.


    Alec Dalek

    Pot is only a gateway drug BECAUSE IT’S ILLEGAL. You have to get it from criminals who also want you to try other things. Knowing where to buy pot means also knowing where to get other stuff.

    Also, kids get the message that all drugs are bad equally. Then they try pot and discover the it’s harmless and figure that if the grown ups were wrong about pot, they must be wrong about crack, heroin, meth, etc. But those are dangerous drugs. But by the time the poor kids find this out, it’s too late!


    Wouldn’t the most destructive substance be gunpowder?




    Kaze FTW!!!! but id go with sulfuric acid or something like that…


    So would she do anything for you, or did you force her into prostitution?

    Either she did it willingly, or you forced her. Can’t have it both ways.


    So.. theoretically, how much money do you think she would go for?


    Pimpin’ aint easy.


    “Also, kids get the message that all drugs are bad equally. Then they try pot and discover the it’s harmless and figure that if the grown ups were wrong about pot, they must be wrong about crack, heroin, meth, etc.”

    That’s the definition of a gateway drug.


    Very smart. Salut!

    Alec Dalek

    That’s the definition of a gateway drug.

    Right. But it’s only a gateway when it’s illegal.


    AlecDalek, wtf is wrong with your head?

    Marijuana is practically legal.

    Anybody can get their hands on it.

    The legality of it does not make it a gateway drug.

    It’s how it’s considered harmless enough to get people to try it, which leads to other drugs, that makes it a gateway drug.

    It may not make everyone do other drugs, but it does help people consider other drugs because of how harmless it seems….

    tiki god

    Drugs are bad, mmmkay?


    Some people consider tobacco and alcohol gateway drugs, yet they’re perfectly legal (albeit controlled).

    And a step before them are things like caffeine, a stimulant that can be addictive, can be overdosed on, can cause withdrawal symptoms if you stop taking it. Not a far step from “having a coffee break” to “having a smoke break”.

    So where does the line for “gateway drugs” begin? Legality? General opinion?


    A gateway drug is basically anything that leads to something else.

    It’s mostly used to describe marijuana, but can also be used to describe other stimulants.

    Coffee, cigarettes and alcohol are actually the worst gateway “drugs”


    Coffee? Holy shit let’s panic!!! I say the only way to prevent drug use is the mass suicide/sterilization/etc of all humanity!

    Alec Dalek

    Coffee, cigarettes and alcohol are actually the worst gateway “drugs”

    Okay, that I agree with. Pot can be a gateway, but it’s not THE gateway. The main danger is misinformation. We need to tell the kids the absolute truth about all these substances.

    Coffee? Holy shit let’s panic!!!

    Believe it or not, back in the middle ages, they were going to outlaw coffee. But luckily the Pope at the time was hooked on the stuff so it stayed legal. Let’s face it, caffeine (in sufficient dosage) is to amphetamines as cocaine is to crack.

    chheang bunheng

    I think you don’t have to sell your girlfriend. You should go to work, if you need money.You have got two hands two legs why you don’t go to work.You can work with your girlfriend as waiter or waitress, sell something like fruits.This is my idea,if you agree you should do it.