Halo 3 Promo Poster


Fuck I can’t wait.

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    Alec Dalek

    Aw yeah! That’s the real deal!


    I nearly crapped my pants when I heard they were bringing back the defoliant projector! Woohoo! Now I just need to go steal an 360.


    If it’s not on windows it’s not worth pirating.


    I will buy a 360 just for this game alone.


    if you have a standard additon of the game, this is the cover.


    What do you mean? we have to add?


    i’ve already taken the release date and the next one off from work just so that i can play as much as humanly possible… Im buying a case of monster so i dont have to sleep!!


    This is very overrated FPS. I can’t see how someone thought of making sequels of something as boring as Halo. OH! I know! They crammed it into TVs and ads everywhere making you believe it was something it was really not. It was for consoles, it did good, it was put against REAL games on the PC, it sucked.

    You can see this game got popular not because it was a good console FPS, but because it was one to easily amuse the masses.


    Dreth, you must be smoking some bad shit to come up with that statement. The halo series has one of the best story lines. People still play Halo 1 for pc. As well as it’s alternate, custom version, Custom Edition. I really don’t know about Halo 2, which was recently ported over to PC from Xbox (the buttons for the xbox controller are still on the screen) and a patch for XP was released which allowed me to try it out, even though it lagged to hell even on the lowest possible settings, and the story seemed the same, good,… Read more »


    Unfortunately yes, I have. It’s more of the same crap. I haven’t tried out Multiplayer to be honest so I can’t pass judgement on that, but if it’s anything like what I’ve seen from fanboys so far I can expect tedious gameplay and people that jack off to “TEA BAGGING” someone online.

    Most sequel-based games start off with something good, like Mortal Kombat or Megaman. This Halo crap is plainly mediocre to me and it’s popular because it’s the only whored-out-for-idiots FPS out there.