Flash Ahhhhhhhh!

Ming The Merciless

I LOVE this movie and have been waiting for the DVD release for soooo long. I watched the premiere of the new SciFi channel series and it was pretty decent.

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    The DVD’s available. I have the region 1 1998 edition sitting on a bookshelf right now.

    I played the Flash Gordon pinball machine all through high school. Wish I had *that* sitting in my living room right now….


    I had no idea that they were doing a Flash tv show. I just started the dl for it. 😀 **hopes it will be good**


    You’ve been waiting for what? dvdcompare.net/comparisons/film.php?fid=614


    Great movie! It had Queen singing the Title song on the soundtrack.


    The show on Sci-Fi is *awful*

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