The Alphabet Of Manliness


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    Brevity Truta

    A is for Ace Gristflex. B is for Built Crunchtime. And so on.

    Most educational.


    What book have you been reading, exactly?
    A is for Ass-Kicking and B is for Boners, then
    C is for Copping a Feel, and D is for taking a Dump, etc etc


    It’s on my bookshelf next to Real Ultimate Power.


    Brevity fails at interpreting manliness correctly.


    The Alphabet of Manliness? Isn’t he wearing a mini skirt?


    BatteryLow, maybe it’s a solid-coloured kilt? Maybe his LoveSpear is so huge that mere pants cannot contain it’s immensity?

    Regardless of his fashion sense, that Gorilla could pick the dude up and make him his personal hand-puppet.


    What are you talking about? The gorilla doesn’t stand a chance!
    Don’t you think the guy on the cover has read all the chapters on chuck norris and lumberjacks and pirates and such, BEFORE agreeing to go on the front of the book? To do otherwise would just be retarded.
    He’s obviously very skilled the Art of Manliness by now.
    Look, the gorilla is cowering, even.