iPhone Kiosk


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    t. durden

    fuck iphone… period.


    Likewise, some international Apple servers use Red Hat and other variations of Linux.

    Alec Dalek

    What a flash in the pan that was. One minute all you hear about is the iPhone all over the news and the web. Then it comes out and a week or two later, you don’t hear a peep. I guess it sucked.


    or it was just a phone


    i have 2 things to say to this:

    1. i cant wait till they make the iPhone shuffle (no screen and it phones random people! -www.bash.org) (you set it up for this one and you know it)

    2. what do you call an apple laxative? iCrap.


    The homebrew for it is simply astounding though. There’s a NES emulator that operates via the old school controller on the touch screen. That, and it runs at a little over 600Mhz, means it can process a hell of a lot of things.

    The downside is, while it’s innovative, its not using any proprietary software, as such, give it a year or two or three, and other companies will make something equal to it, or better.


    Oh, and on a side note about the image:

    Yes, that makes sense to get a regular monitor, and turn the way it render’s the picture sideways, as opposed to paying triple the amount of money for a special 9:16 ratio monitor. IF those even are available for purchase.


    God, reading this four years on is hilarious…