Blacker than black CCG


Trample rules!

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    Indeed, all i play nowadays is green trample. Trample is the most devastating ability imo. the look of defeat on your opponent’s face is satisfying. I love the fangren first born, gruul war plow combo. try that out for size in a saproling deck.

    t. durden

    your nerdy comment almost kills the awesomeness that is dethklok.. but it doesn’t. IT CAN’T. they rock and the darkest dark is quite dark in my opinion, but yet not dark enough yet.


    even darker is when they went to the deepest, darkest, deepest place on the earth…



    the acclaim to the level of metal bands hardcore-ness is beginning to sound more and more like “Danger-Area” from the Restaurant at the end of the universe. Its just a bunch of angry guys playing on guitars and drums ffs.


    make ’em cry with a classic combo of Winter Orb and Icy Manipulator. be all liek, hahas! no landz 4 j00 now!!!1!


    If they want to make everything black, then shouldn’t that make things black, not colorless? No flavor to this card at all.


    slakinator saproling decks aren’t that bad, all you really have to do is put a few scions of the wild in the deck, give them trample, and have some conclave phalanxes, cause then you have shitloads of little saprolings and other creatures, extremely poweful scions, and you get life for each creature you control when you play the phalanx

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