The Ten Commandments


[Tiki says: From I Drew This]
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    George Carlin busted the 10 commandments down to two. It was sheer brilliance.


    haha yep, thou shall always be faithful to the provider of thy nookie and thy shall try reaaaallll hard not to kill anyone, unless of course he pays to a different invisible man to the one you pray to. As long as they add one more to the list… thou shalt keep thy religion to thyself

    Or something to that effect. it was excellent


    I Love the Ten Commandments. They are the Captain at the helm of my life. Also you other guys are just haters.


    Personally, I’m more of a Hammurabi-type fellow.


    “If he perform a serious operation on an ass or ox, and kill it, he shall pay the owner one-fourth of its value.” -Hammurabi The code of Hammurabi is obviously relevant for people of all times. (I got that sykotik was joking. I was just making a joke myself.) But the comic get the point across. The ten commandments are by no means the foundation of the American legal system. American law purports freedom of religion. The first commandment allows for only one religion. Americans salute the flag of their nation and pledge their lives to it (the flag). The… Read more »

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