‘Hummer’ Versus ‘The School Bus’


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    Looks like the school bus can drive away and start picking up kids.


    Mass market (non-military) Hummers are plastic covered pieces of crap anyway.

    They look tough but that’s it.


    How fast do you think that Son of a Bitch had to be going to do that? Look at the rest of the picture. It’s obvious they aren’t on the freeway.

    Glad he hit that well built school bus instead of some smaller car. And I pray there wasn’t a passenger in there with the driver of the hummer.

    I also pray that stupid fuck killed himself. Because that’s one less asshat I have to worry about on the road.

    Maybe I’m just venting… but I see this shit all the time where I live.


    I just hope it was a gangsta or some other hip hop asshole that causes trouble for other people for no reason. Good riddance….


    Man I’m so gonna buy a school bus for me.


    Why do you think they are only $20,000?


    School busses should be the new fad.

    Bus > Hummer


    IF you look closely to the Hummers rear window, and the lack of skidmarks, you can tell that the hummer was hit by the bus. Not the other way around.

    The damage suffered by the Hummer is consistent with a low speed, but high inertia (i.e. mass) impact from the front. Had the Hummer been going fast enough to cause that much damage all of the glass and debris would have been thrown forward. (And the drivers body would have been smeared across the back of the bus.)


    Yeah the bus was going 35 miles per hour in reverse.


    Or, the lack of skidmarks may have been because the Hummer’s brakes failed, the back window wound up in the back seat and the driver is crushed between the steering wheel and the back seat. The rest of the debris slammed against the back of the bus and fell into the hole where the passenger seat was. Just a theory –


    @origuy: yea good observation, the bus was reversing on a sidewalk and literally destroyed this hummer. get your eyes check please. if the car was pushed back you would see no skid marks at the back of the tire. the skid marks would be INFRONT of the tires.


    Fireman just standing around as usual.


    My eyes are okay. That’s not a skid mark from the hummer. The thing that looks like a skid mark was only on one side. Skids may not always be even, but they usually are equally dark on both sides. I would probably say it was from the runoff left by the radiator fluid and oil. Just For Fun: Or it could be from the hummer running over the cement parking barrier. Thus dragging it along, messing up the nice barrier, and their undercarriage. Then you would have a hummerhole driver that FUBARed at parking, then divine karma (CARma? or… Read more »


    @origuy: yea the oil or radiator fluid.. right?? LOL as you say:”Skids may not always be even” the possibility of 1 skip mark is possible


    Possible? Possibly, but from the visual evidence it’s not very probable. If there was a brake failure on one side,then you might only get one skid mark. But then the skid mark would be skewed to the side with the working brakes. The small curb wouldn’t stop a hummer going fast enough to make a skid like that. It would have jumped the curb, not hit the bus.


    Where is diabeetus anyway?