Dirty Rambo


So there’s a new Rambo movie coming out?  wtf.  he’s like 60, right?

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    I just watched the trailer; the dialogue sucks, but the action is awesome.

    In the trailer it shows him graphically decapitate a .50 gunner in the back of a jeep, and then unload the machinegun on the poor driver, virtually cutting him in half and spraying his insides across the hood.

    natakamus gives 2 thumbs up


    Yeah, the new movie will be gory like hell. I hope with cheap 80′ effecks, thoose are the best!

    Brevity Truta

    It’s all in the headband, which has a cunning ratchet system to tighten and LIFT LIFT LIFT.

    Rage 0

    Brevity: But does it give him infinite ammo?


    Rage, Rambo doesn’t need infinite ammo. He’s the McGuyver of death.

    Infinite ammo is just a bonus.

    Brevity Truta

    Rage 0, not only does it give him infinite ammo; it also cuts tomatoes.

    The McGuyver of death, yeah, that fits as neat as his headband.


    have you noticed that stallones formula for reviving his 80’s franchises for one final gasp involves naming the movie after the full name of his characters? ‘rocky balboa’ and now, ‘john rambo’. If anyone remembered his character’s name from ‘over the top’ I’d carry the joke further.