Shady ATM

Shady ATM

This is a real ATM in Panama City Beach.

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    I guess if this pic was taken during the annual Spring Break rush then it makes sense to put the money where the cash starved drunks are.


    Screw that, there’s a hitch on it, I’ve got a coat hanger to attatch it to the car, and I’m outta there.


    Yeah, I’m thinking the same. You could spend all day trying to break into it while it’s in my garage.


    Incorrect sir, you’d get arrested for sure.

    There’s obviously a lo-jack equipped in it, you would want to take it to somewhere that’s emitting a high powered electrical interferance, or to the middle of nowhere.

    When dealing with the amount of cash contained in that thing, you’d have to be willing to spend money to make money.


    Thank you Kaze, you have saved me from imprisonment for sure.
    Actually, from my experience in law enforcement, the few police vehicles that actually have a working lo-jack detector, also contain officers who leave them in the off position because they make a really annoying squelching sound. Something to think about when purchasing a lo-jack.


    lol, thats has stupid writtin all over it


    Isn’t lo jack satellite tracked? I doubt the police would have the gear to track lo-jack in the car. But they do have a lot of equipment, so it’s possible. How sure are you of the squelching sound?, Cargen?


    The newest versions of lo-jack may have GPS but many black and whites still have lo-jack detectors mounted on the dash. It works with proximity. If it picks up a signal from an activated lo-jack it makes an annoying sound and shows the direction of the signal and the strength. Again though, it’s mostly ignored.


    And if you scramble the circuitry of the box, it’s not doing anything, ever. Technology is innovative because everyone can use it.

    With some chicken wire, and two high poles, you can go underneath the large metal power lines, and induct the electricity under them.


    you fuckers is goin down cuz this is conspiracy fo sho.

    i’m sooo tellin.