Bugatti Veyron

Bugatti Veyron

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    is it wrong that i think this car is very ugly.
    and is it wrong that i think that you should put pics of good looking cars on here?

    tiki god

    yeah it’s wrong you think this sexy thing is ugly!


    I say more ugly cars. They make the good cars look good.


    The point is that it doesn’t matter if the car is ugly when it’s passing you at 230-ish MPH. That fact alone makes it gorgeous.


    Plus it is two-tone, like a classy shoe.


    Top speed of 253 mph, destroying the tires in 15 minutes at that speed. It’s ok though, it’s only got enough fuel to sustain it for 12 minutes. Also, it’s like the only car that requires a secondary key to enable top speed mode, which lowers it even more and keeps the spoiler from popping out.