The American Patriot Then And Now


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    The first quote is from Patrick Henry. In case anyone cares…


    We don’t.

    But that reminds me, where the hell is that remote..?

    Jesus Christ

    Kaze, you know last night when I came over and we got a little drunk…? When I woke up I think I was watching tv before I left without leaving a note. You might want to check your refridgerator for it. ^^;;


    No.. I actually found it under the bed, all that was in the fridge was a frozen, and sticky zucchini with a smilie face carved into the side.


    Jesus Christ

    Sorry love, after you passed out, I still had some in me. The smiley face was “just because”.


    Bitches love smiley faces.

    Jesus Christ

    You know it. :3


    You guys are fucking crazy.

    Jesus Christ

    And here we didn’t even go into the details about the time Kaze caught me off guard, tackled me into the trampoline that had holes in it (acid rain in Texas and just about everything else), we proceded to do the nasty, trampoline ripped from the movement (and the holes didn’t help much) and we fell into a ton of stinging nettles and just kept going.

    I feel itchy thinking about it.


    Well, there goes my masturbation for tonight…


    Political cartoon to masturbation in 10 short comments. God bless the internet!


    Just doin’ what I can with what I got, Lord.

    Jesus Christ

    (Above comment made by Kazzie, yes).

    Oh blargag, Zephy was logged in. >_o That’s what I get for sharin’ comp.


    I bless this thread in the name of the Intertubes.

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