Lazy Mom

Lazy Mom

Can it get much worse than this? C’mon, get off your silly “Human Transporter” and get some friggin’ exercise.

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    This is just silly, she should tow the stroller behind the “human transporter” so she could free up a hand for her cell phone. I don’t mind lazy, but stupid bothers me.


    Why not just tow the baby stroller? I thought the whole point of those things was to get exercise?


    No no no… You have to zoom in on the image to see the baby-sized pedals that the kid is using to tow his mom’s broken Segway.


    okay so im guessing this woman is in the same genepuddle brittanny spears is in?


    What’s really missing is the baby-sized Segway! I mean common people, if you’re going to buy one you might as well get them for the whole family.


    I’m pretty sure htey only make one size Lord_Gorlock.


    Adjustable handlebars maby?


    You know I just thought of something. You know how freaked out babies must be in strollers? They get strapped into a contraption, and then are faced away from the people pushing them, so they really have no idea what’s going on.