Flagpole Lawn Mower


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    If only that would work…


    well, one could get it to work, but in that situation it would run on to the concrete before the lawn got finished, and eventually it would hit the house


    What do you mean “if only” ..?

    It IS isn’t it?


    yeah, but not lawnmowers work like that


    First of all, That’s a push lawn mower, and an old one at that. I’m pretty sure that the only lawn mowers that have geared wheels are the sit down ones.

    Second, it would work IF it had a motor for the wheels because the string would get smaller. But not on this lawn. It would have to be moved several times. Much more work then just mowing the lawn.


    Actually, they do have quite a number of push mowers that have geared wheels for “power assist”. However there’s usually a bar on the handles you have to hold down to activate it. The reason this wouldn’t work is because the string is only tied on in one place. The mower would drive in a straight line and then just get stopped by the string and sit there, mowing the same patch forever. After all, anyone who’s used a push mower can tell you that they don’t do circles that well.