Twisted Bike

Would this even be ridable?

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    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Of course it would be ridable; there is nothing affecting the wheels, chain or gears. There are some safety issues, but anything that is cool is probably not safe.


    What are the safety issues? As long as the twisted tubing is sturdy enough (and the rider doesn’t take any hard bumps to the front tire) it should be fine.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    I’m sure heating, stretching and twisting the tubing wouldn’t degrade its strength at all. I’m also sure that there is no structural benefit to the normal trapezoid design of bike frames.
    For the sarcasm impaired, this thing has a good chance of snapping in half after hopping off a few curbs. But its still cool.


    It might be a bit flimsy, but as long as the rider weighs under 300 and they don’t go over too many bad bumps, I really don’t see an issue.


    If they tempered the steel after they twisted it, it’d be fine.


    Awesome design because if you tilt your head to the right, it looks like a no-armed stick man trying to hold the bike together with his head and feet.

    On a different design level, because it has both the bar and dipping-bar things going on, is this a bike for people with both sex organs?

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Bike frames aren’t made of steel, most are made of aluminum.
    You can still temper aluminum, but you have to be a talented smithy to do it and it still wouldn’t compensate for the stretching and twisting shown here.


    reboot: the majority of bikes are made out of steel.

    Majority meaning more people buy the $100 toys are us BMX bikes then $3000 cannondales.