Twin Pistol Steering Wheel


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    If you can think of a better way to do a drive by and kill your passenger while driving, I’d like to hear it.


    God, I’d have a field day burglarizing that car. Look at all the stereos.

    But I’m guessing one is the tv, the alpine is obviously for music, and perhaps some sort of GPS or HD radio tuner.

    I wonder what kind of car that is, that steering wheel is pimp..


    I wonder what’s going to happen the next time he gets pulled over by a police officer for something simple like speeding.


    How do you blow the horn? Pull the trigger?

    Remember that time I was behind that guy at the light, and it turned green, and I went to beep the horn, and like omg I like totally shot a bird out of the sky? Omg true story.


    That little white thing in the middle is the horn button. Also, you can put one of these anywhere.

    Or for that matter, no horn is needed.


    Actually, casemods, some states require a horn to pass inspection.

    I live in Maine and a horn is required.


    Kerry, what I meant was, you don’t need to put a horn in the car. (will run without it)

    I don’t have one in mine, but that’s because I just bought it and haven’t got around to fix it yet.

    Sure it’s not legal, but I’m just saying you could.


    Where do you live so I can call the Police? 🙂

    You should get one of those AAHHHOOOOGA horns, they are legal as long they hit so many decibels.


    CA :p

    I have a dual tone kit, just have to get around to installing it.