Asian Vs Oriental


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    The Matrix: Rebooted

    I didn’t get this. So I showed it the Chinese guy who has a desk next to mine and he doesn’t get it either. So at lunch I showed it to the Japanese guy who works down the hall and he didn’t get it either.
    So apparently the difference is so subtle that actual Asian people, who were born and raised in Asia, don’t understand it.
    Would anyone explain?


    It’s because when most poeple hear Asain they think like japanese, chinese “Oriental” type people. But people form india are also asians. This pic is sort of wrong though because that’s not how they are differentiated. Now most people say asian to refer to “Orientals” and South Asian to refer to people from india and that area.


    Isn’t Russia technically a part of Asia as well?
    Wouldn’t that technically make them Asian, too?

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Thanks for the explanation. But the picture is still fail since there’s no way to tell that the guy on the left is from India.
    Also, since no one refers to themselves as “Asian” or “Oriental” its a particularly useless distinction.


    No, people from Russia are called…..Russians!!!

    And how exactly is this racist?


    umm.. don’t think anyone mentioned anything about being racist.. It’s just a horrible joke, if a joke at all..


    Out here we say ‘East Asian’, and ‘South Asian’ or, more commonly, ‘East Indian, Pakistani, etc.’. Most people will give you dirty looks around here if you call a person oriental. It isn’t so much racist as it makes you sound like a farmer or trailer trash or something. If you really wanted to be retardedly picky, both are Asian and Oriental, and East Asia is still part of Asia, and Oriental just means ‘eastern’ in the Romance languages, and relative to Western Europe, both are oriental. Hell, when I was in Portugal, they referred to the entire fucking world… Read more »


    psst, I have never heard an Indian bitch that no one was calling them Asians, so who the hell cares?


    Thats not an Asian, thats a MEXICAN!


    Actually from my understanding, the word ‘asian’ refers to animate things from that area of the world, like people… but the word ‘oriental’ refers to inanimate things from that area, like an oriental rug.


    I think its actually a UK thing. They refer to those people from “South Asia” or what I know as the subcontinent as Asians.

    In Britain there are more “Asians” than “orientals”.

    In Australia we refer to Asians as people from China, Korea, Japan and South-East Asia – typically ending around Burma.

    The term “oriental” does not enter our lexicon in relation to a descriptor for people.


    Um. I think its just saying that the guy on the left looks like a serial killer.

    It’s making a distinction between just anyone from Asia, and good looking people from asia

    could be wrong though.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Which is the one from the country with no labour laws that the rest of the world exploits and few people within the actual countries see any of the new wealth?


    Everyone from an Asian country is Asian. Those from South Asia (Indian, Pakistani, etc) are Asian; those from East Asia (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc) are Asian; those from South East Asia (Malaysian, Indonesian, Filipino, etc) are Asian; those from Central Asia (also known as Middle East, like Arab, Israeli, Persian, etc) are Asian.

    A big part of Russia is in Asia but most Russians belong to the European part of Russia so they are European. Russians who live in the Asian part are Asian.

    Geologically, Asia and Europe are one continent.

    Don’t use Oriental. It’s like treating us like objects.