This little bear may care, but the rest of us don’t give a fuck


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    He’d care more, if he didnt have to pee so badly.


    That thing is a he!??!!

    Reminds me of Donut from Red vs. Blue


    yea, neither does chuck norris.


    “yea, neither does chuck norris.”

    …. what the fuck? That made no sense at all.


    i’m gonna guess colin means that chuck norris doesn’t give a fuck either.. even tho he is grouped with the rest of us in the quote..


    Chuck Norris does not ‘make sense’, He IS SENSE!

    Chuck Norris is a transcendental being that can NEVER be grouped in with ‘the rest of us’.

    Chuck Norris cares about one thing, it being this: “When will I roundhouse kick you to death?” And still it is not a warm fuzzy care. It is a hot blood-drenched, morbid, inimical, ‘I wanna put your battered, severed head into orbit’ kind of care.

    Cthulhu asks Chuck Norris for advice. ‘Nuff said.


    Woah, I thought Evildons comment was july 24th 2006 when chuck norris jokes were actually still funny. Guess not.


    Chuck Norris jokes were never funny. But they are always fear inspiring, causing some to void their bowels and eat their own feces in utter terror. I see feces on Kero’s lips… (which would explain why Kero hated what I said so much)


    kero is just an all around fuckass, who jacks off to the dictionary.
    (i cant wait to see what he says next)