Genius Contruction Crew


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    Howie Feltersnatch

    I assumed this was part of an ad for something. But given the craptacular resolution of the original image, I’m forced to conclude that, sadly, this is for real, and these guys are morons.

    What do you call this: “bollarding yourself into a corner”?


    how the hell did the van get in there anyway? it lookz a little big, dont you think?

    Howie Feltersnatch

    Uhhhh…infusino92, have a closer look at the picture. What are the crew doing? They’re installing bollards. Therefore….


    I saw simiular things live. They build the bollards around the van, because they can park it anywhere else near. After they finish it, they leave a gap just big enought so they can retreat the van.


    The bollards that are at Rockefellar Plaza sleeve into metal pockets that are cemented into the ground. This way you can pick them up to get vehicles in & out (they each weigh about 50 lbs). That’s New York though…

    beep beep

    I am glad someone pointed out what they were doing, because for the life of my I could not figure out what was so funny about this.


    At first I thought the joke was the cones they used to tape off around the area.


    maxcw: I don’t know if you are trying to show that the van can get out in that picture because it can’t.

    Due to perspective the van appears to be smaller than it actually is, taking up 4 squares compared to the 3 and a bit square space between the bollards.

    I can’t believe that a pedestrian hasn’t pointed their error out to them. Cos those bollards look permanent.


    I’m pretty sure that the last one (the very last one, bottom, right) is not set yet. I came upon this conclusion because, 1) It is not centered (as well as the other ones) and 2) There is no drop in grade (level of dirt, land, etc) so in my opinion, it’s just sitting there, as if they haven’t even dug the hole yet. Although I’m not sure how they do those things where ever this picture was taken. My dad would know cause hes the master carpenter >_>


    Here is en edit showing how off center it is, and how slanted it is. Make sure you compare the level of compaction in the other pic. My conclusion: Hasn’t been set/altered/dug, etc yet.

    K for Kris

    It kinda looks like they’re just grouting the tile


    K for Kris: That might also be true, but why would they remove one to get in there, when they could just park next to it? Unless there is a way around.

    Plus, there doesn’t seem to be much work to the tile, in relation to the work that is done to the posts or whatever you call them.

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