Stupid Ricer useless wings are for Penguins


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    There’s so many 1000 dollar cars at my school with 6000 dollars of shit added.

    Especially annoying is the fact that some of them have shitty mufflers so you can hear the whine of the pissy little 4-cylinder engine long after the car is gone.


    Hueg bewbs r hueg!


    Those nips look kinda weird… not that I wouldn’t acquire the whole amount of them or anything.


    I think those are part of the bra, natakamus.


    Mmmm, penguins…


    Lol, you know your shit, maxcw.

    If they put $6,000 into a car it’s not a POS. You can’t hate on the good imports, because there are good ones, and gay ones, as with any car.

    I was thinking about making a pic that says pier one imports, and putting some ricers in there :p


    Haha, just because its an import doesn’t mean its slow. Now mine, the car itself(CRX Si) is worth about $2000, and i’ve got well over that in it, but its all in the motor. I’ve tuned it to be quick and still have excellent mpg(43mpg avg), so yea.

    I would, however, like to get this shirt, i love it and love making fun of ricers.


    How do you still have excellent gas mileage? My car barely gets 10 to the gallon stock, but it’s a v8.


    You mean… the wings and stickers don’t make the car go faster??

    *falls down


    lol, SirWishbone.


    Thats me… Dunno how it got on this site, I’ve never heard of it. This pic is on my Facebook & I guess someone found it & posted it here. Also those aren’t my nipples, it’s part of the iron-on picture on the shirt 😛 kinda weird that I’m somehow on a random site, but I guess that’s what happens when you put pics of yourself on the Internet – even if it was my Facebook page.


    But… penguins’ wings are useful!

    Wow, this article is fastidious, my sister is analyzing such things, so I am
    going to convey her.


    Haha ^ casemods and h_ville must have ricers or “imports” as they like to say. Unless its a gtr, it’s not fast! They just always turn ppls heads by how annoyingly ugly and loud they are. Try n get 450 hp in one of those small ass, dinky cars then you can talk. (n don’t say you already do or some bs cuz it’d take way more than 6,000$ in a little ricer). This shirt is awesome and so true. I ordered one earlier today lmao.

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