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    Howie Feltersnatch

    Hmmmm, a long, rambling, incoherent, puerile rant. Sounds exactly like something FAGnus BUTTfuckER or whatever the fuck his handle is would write. I go away for two weeks, I come back and start catching up on MCS, and every fucking thread I look at is the same. FAGnus shows up and cries like a little bitch about something, someone calls him on it, and then he posts some ill-conceived, poorly-written rant filled with “Internet Toughguy” bullshit. I eventually just gave up reading comments. Go eat a bowl of dicks, FAGnus.


    Oh, don’t worry, the Magnus guy left us for good:

    BTW, I like him. He was a funny jerk, whenever he showed up, it was like a free ticket to some “Vagabond Gypsy Freak Show Exclusive Circus(TM)”


    I’m glad to see a mature, well-read person confront Magnus here. I was afraid someone, out of frustration, might devolve into screaming homophobic insults instead of using’s Word Of The Day©.


    Wow cool! I love how you guys are all making fun of him after he said he was leaving the site and thus wont be able to “defend” himself. You guys are pro. Reaaaaaaly classy. Howie; Magnus has been on here longer than you have, so shut the fuck up :). Deepthroat; I’m not even going to bother with you. Tony; I don’t know who you are but i don’t care because you’re obviously retarded too. Magnus never even directed one comment at you so Stfu it’s not your fight.


    @ Tony The problem with homophobic rants is that in the civilized world “homosexual” no longer carries any negative social connotations. So, if you intend to confront a more or less civilized person on a civilized site, you have to develop something different. Homophobic name-calling can help you insult a person only if this person is a carrier of cave-men mentality that is obsolete beyond any excuse, or your social environment is a “redneck ghetto(TM)”. Also, by resorting to such rhetoric one automatically demonstrates that he also carries the Uneducated Redneck mentality. Due to those circumstances’s Word Of The… Read more »

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    @RJDeepOne Nice attempt at sounding smart. I give it a B-. 1) I pretty sure that Tony was being sarcastic since Howie’s post was itself immature and homophobic. -10 points for your failure to pick up on context. 2)Homosex always has been and always will be in the realm of insult. Even in societies where there was widespread acceptance(eg ancient Rome, Greece, medieval Japan) it was complex, subtle and being called the equivalent of a “cocksucker” was an insult. Also, your attempt to sound socially enlightened was mitigated by the overuse of the term “redneck”. -5 points for your PC… Read more »


    pbjdeepwhatever: if you can’t make the tm’s small, then dont use em. dont see the point in them in that context either. I do hope you realise that you are acting like a child, who finally cried himself into getting what he wanted. thus far all you have written has had that shining thru. Magnus was never very polite, and totally a flamer, but atleast he was funny as hell, i dont know how many of my friends i directed at this site because of the KY thread, they all loved it however. no matter how immature, rude, and vulgar… Read more »


    @ reboot one – you do not sound like a big expert on ancient Rome and culture in general. Could you provide some convincing, unbiased sources to back up your claims, with pages, titles, ISBNs and, preferably, links to freely available texts online? You know, just to check they are not some kind of “humble opinion”. two – I made no attempt at sounding “socially enlightened”, whatever it is supposed to mean, so the use of term “redneck” was appropriate and justified. Redneck redneck 🙂 three – my response to Tony was an example of irony, and I tried to… Read more »


    Why do you (â„¢) everything? Last time I checked the internet was a way of getting around the concept of intellectual property and distributing it freely to as many people as possible or maybe I am reading it wrong and it is actually a new TM move I can teach my Pokemon. Pikachu do the Vagabond Gypsy Freak Show Exclusive Circus attack now. I guess I should source you or put you in my bibliography or something but this is the internet your screwed. Or maybe it’s a big joke and I am just a moron.


    Brush, do you really think that one can get owned (pwned, defeated, whatever) in an internet flame war?

    You take this shit too serious.

    Don’t take any more beers, they are shining through.


    Yep, the â„¢ was irony, again.
    Vagabond Gypsy Freak Show Exclusive Circus is not intellectual property of anyone. You know, gypsies tend to ignore copyrights and trademarks, too :-).

    I will use more smilies and try to avoid subtle irony in the future


    yes, i do believe you can get “owned” in a discussion/flame war/whatever. i do some internet gaming, so i picked up that unlucky term there. would have said “got your ass handed to you” but i rephrased, in consideration for your already sore backside.


    well, i do guess something can be irony without beeing at all funny. going to look into that.


    Dang your really good at irony. I wish I could be more like you


    Well, Blessed are the believers, for they shall inherit a heartache.

    And, humor is subjective. So it’s your problem, pal.


    RJDeepOne : you see what he did there?


    You mean asdf or the little green man?


    your brain depresses me.
    i’ll be back when this site has an ignore function. as i suspect many others will aswell 😐

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    @RJDeepOne: I was going to post a reply, but its obvious that you have more free time than I do and I don’t feel like arguing for the sake of arguing. One thing though:I would be glad to offer some references about ancient attitudes concerning homosexuality, but my library is in Seattle and I am currently in CT until later next week. Until then, Plato’s Symposium is an interesting commentary on the conflicting views on the subject in ancient Greece. Read that and then we can talk about other references. I’m not being sarcastic. If you would like to discuss… Read more »


    @ Brushaway

    Whoopsie, I forgot to put a smiley. Again.

    Sorry it got you so confused and depressed, guess you need some Prozac.

    @ reboot

    “I was going to post a reply”

    Well, you obviously did post a reply

    As for Symposium reference… Is it where Plato argued for an army made up of same-sex lovers, Thebes-style, or am I mixing something up? Memory is imperfect…

    I’ll refresh Plato


    LOL fags


    Jesus titty-fucking christ…

    This site is for interesting/humourous images. Yet all I see here is self-righteous rants against somebody, which then degenerate into pointless verbal sniping. I enjoy the images, and thank tiki for running this site.

    But really, is all this necessary? Does every image posted these days have to turn into a flame against Magnus/RJ/Whoever-we-happen-to-hate-right now?

    I see more maturity at Something Awful.


    I wasn’t the biggest Magnus fan, but I didn’t mind having him around either, and it’s really too bad. I used to post on a flame forum for years and years, and shit like this would always get out of hand and turn out just like this quite regularly. It’s too bad, because if everyone was in the same room and could hear each others voices and not just flat text, I doubt it would ever get this far.


    I would love to see a forced Anon at this site. Who cares who is who, or who says what, as long as they can comment on the pic shown, in an informative or funny way?

    Jeeheezus Christ, it’s the internet. Go out and make some real friends and stop caring what PeanutButter27 says about you.


    !!! PeanutButter27 was talking about me? When? Where? What did she say!?!!? TELL ME!!! 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁


    Woohoo! 26 post filled argument in a thread supposedly about a paranoid person’s personal ad. I only got through about 12 of them. All of you win 2 internets execpt for peanutbutter27. You win 3 for your delightfully unimaginative name.

    Alec Dalek

    If I ever really thought I was being watched, I’d deal with the situation the same way “The Prisoner” did in the episode “Hammer Into Anvil”. Just pretend like your really up to something big, with lots of cloak and dagger. You’ll drive someone mad!

    Billy Manic

    Ok assholes, how about some posts about the ad itself, rather than arguing to defend your insecurities? Is the personal even real?


    woah. dude. that’s deep.


    I like the picture.


    This whole thread is WTF. mAgNUS may be gone, but a little piece of him will live on in us all. Now enough with the fucking flaming already.


    Well considering everyone stopped like 2 days ago :S. Lol


    good point.