Alaska Grizzly Bear Notice


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    Those ‘little bells’ must be quite tasty.


    Yes, bears that are huge killing machines that can be frightened off by bells and pepper spray… Who the hell comes up with this stuff? “OK Fred, we’re doing an experiment…Go out in the woods with these left over Christmas jingle bells and approach the first bear you see.”


    If anything, the bells will let the bears find and eat you.


    Black Bears can and are frightened off by noise & chemicals. I had bears digging through my trash, and I got rid of them by waiting up all night with a pile of ammonia-balloons. The balloons wouldn’t burst, so I ended up throwing a rock at the dumpster with the bear in it; that fucker jumped out of the dumpster so fast he must of thought he was going to die.

    If it had been a grizzly, it’s dung would’ve smelled like rocks, ammonia, and natakamus.


    Mr. Psychic, you are a moron. I live in bear country – grizzly and black – and I can honestly say that every bear attack I’ve ever heard of involved one or two people alone in the middle of nowhere. They always stay away from lots of noise, and if they’re going to bother attacking a human, it’s only because you take them by surprise. Either that or you’re a retarded and generally American tourist whose camera is found nearby with close-up bear photos. Their attack mechanism is purely for self-defence only. No seriously, though, an animal that usually eats… Read more »


    yes, the bear’s eat-your-fucking-face-off attack mechanism is only for defensive purposes.

    under no circumstances will a grizzly attack unless it is defending itself.