Rules Of LiveJournal #1


The cool people on LiveJournal all think that suicide is totally emo.  So, go ahead, prove yourself.  Everyone loves a dead girl.  Maybe they’ll love you even more when you post the pictures of yourself actually doing it.

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    Actually, if you poke around the youtube clones, you can find people killing themselves. Filming your gunshot suicide has become quite the thing to do. It’s really a riviting watch, just to see them hesitate, and for the occasional really gory one.

    Of course, there’s always the classic failed bullet in the head suicide, where people live but fuck up their faces so bad they really have no choice but to try again.


    All I can do is wish those emo fellows luck in their bold endeavor to make the world a better place


    How do you suppose the success stories post their video’s ciao? Or do you suppose that their grieving family members posted the videos so that millions of people could laugh at the death of their loved one?


    ^ Probably webcam.


    Well, according to the video blurbs, their emo friends do it out of emoness. Hey, I’m the first to be suspicious about a lot of those videos and I’d reckon at least 90% are fake, but some of them would require more special effect than the average web-poster can afford. But hey, who knows.

    I’m pretty sure the stuff is real though.


    I considered it before.

    And I always wondered how I’d go about it. I planned on jumping off a gigantic tower, and taking a webcam with me that could do a cron job for an update file.

    But I don’t think emo’s are that smart.