It only looks tough…


[hummer h2…it only looks tough]
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    When looking at the two vehicles, the smaller Dodge truck had much less damage than the supposedly invincible Hummer.


    I hate hummers just as much as the next guy, but I have to point out, that’s your crumple zone in action right there saving your kids life. Sure Hummer is fucked, but your kids are gonna get out of the backseat and walk away. And unless the engine went into the cab, which it doesn’t appear to have done, you will to. Oh and look at the dodge, it didn’t fare any better. It isn’t going to be driving anywhere after this accident and the frame didn’t absorb as much of the impact. I promise the driver of the… Read more »


    On the other hand, the driver of the hummer was probably some stupid soccer mom who couldn’t be fucked to pay attention to the road while she did her makeup and chatted with her bff jill on her jewel encrusted cellphone.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Both those cars hit the same Volvo and the guy driving the Volvo didn’t stop because he didn’t notice.

    Swedes make the best street legal tanks.


    It looks to me like both drivers probably did something incredibly inane (like drive really slow), and were rewarded with ginormous Cockslaps from the Volvo-driving mAgnUS.


    Why is this under “dark humor”? It’s bearly humor at all.


    I don’t know what would make an H2 invincible. Suburbans aren’t invincible, and thats all an H2 is.
    Granted, there’s added bling, but that doesn’t affect your +2 Invincibility.


    I wonder which driver got fucked up worse.

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